Monday, April 14, 2014

Scramble for a Ramble

Since my computer is doing the 'It's my system and I'll work if I want to' dance, I'm posting this as fast as I can. These are some random photos from around and about.

Let the chips fly where they may, there is work to be done! I love that this was being done by hand

Later in the day I saw why it was being done. Readying for the roof!

If these were over water, they would be water spouts. Over land, I guess they are just cloud sprites

And cloud surf

The wind has been high but yesterday afternoon was perfect for a good sail.

More incoming

Good chance you'll be using an anchor at Dakity, as the mooring balls must be getting close to all being used.

Last night's moon. Don't forget the eclipse in the wee hours tomorrow morning! It will start around 2 a.m. EDT, which at this time of year is the same as our Atlantic time.

So far, about 10 mangoes are hanging on to my mango tree, a first!

I'm guessing a hermit crab left this in the yard for bigger digs.

I've never seen this mango tree in my neighborhood bloom so heavily. The fragrance is intoxicating.

I've posted photos of this plant (well, not THIS one, but one of its cousins) a few times but it's a captivating sight, ungainly and awkward and then, here is a bloom cluster full of beauty and wonder.
I'll save the other photos for later...I'm losing control of the situation here.

Have a (non)manic mac Monday. Do something mellow.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Free Range Friday Saturday and Beyond

For once, I'd actually prepared a Free Range Friday meal. The photos were ready, even titled, in my photos. I was so proud of myself! Then Friday turned into a day with a happier thing to do, take a great dog over to the big island and San Juan to put on a plane to start her new life in New York. It's hard to type with one hand and hold a big beautiful dog in the other, or type on the ferry or type in a taxi, so Free Range Friday stayed unwritten at home and Rhonda went on for the rides of her life. That's a real good thing!

Rhonda at the ferry dock, ready to go

Rhonda with one of her new family members in New York.
Where was I? Yes, food. I might as well confess that yesterday I ate a fast food meal for the first time in...I'm not even sure how many years. Let it be enough to say, if eating food like that is not a part of your regular diet, the experience is convincing on all levels to keep to the status quo. It makes you feel bad, not good. That's enough about that since just thinking about it sort of makes me feel sick.

This meal did not make me feel sick. Cooking it made me happy, eating it made me happy. Win win.

MJ's Ginger Lemon Chicken

Onion, garlic and ginger. Mince the onion and garlic, slice the ginger thin

Heat up a tablespoon of olive oil to a little above medium heat and toss it all in

Quarter up a lemon for squeezing

This lemon gave up between a quarter or half cup of juice. Close enough for me.
Add a splash of soy sauce

And a small spoonful of brown sugar

Like so

Stir in the above mixture to the brew

When the onions and garlic are softened and barely browned, it's time to put in the chicken. I used thighs because I like them, but any parts will be just fine.

Brown the chicken and then turn down the heat to slow and low. Not too low, just low enough that it can cook slowly without a burn.

I start browning chicken skin side down. If you use skinless chicken you can ignore that.

While the chicken is cooking, start some rice. Rice is nice. This rice is really nice, organic brown rice. It takes longer but it tastes worth the time. One and a quarter cup water to half a cup of rice is about right for this type of rice. You can double that up, as I did here. Leftover rice is good for lots of things.
And it's dinner! The sauteed onions and garlic, along with the now slightly thickened drippings are all the rice needs. No ginger, it has done its work.

One more thing. I know it's not for a few days yet, but this is worth putting on your calendar, you know, for making a plan to see it. So you don't wake up in the bright light of day on the 16th saying, RATS!!! I missed it!

For all sorts of details, such as who in the world can see it along with legends and truths, check out the Earth and Sky site.

Have a supperly super free flying Saturday. Do something serenely.