Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So Long, Paradox, Good Morning South Fla!

First, thanks to Teresa for keeping me busy most of the day so I wouldn't, as she put it, wear a hole in my floor pacing. But at last it was time to go!

In the airport, Rolando handed me a book I'd been hoping would get here in time for the plane trip/airport time that I thought was going to the PO. Instead, I got it hand delivered by super smile guy! And what a great book! Susan Lusk and Mark Gabor, who own a sweet little home on Culebra but live in New York the City did the writing and photography and I highly recommend it. 111 Shops in New York That You Must Not Miss.

I had a half wall seat in the plane so leaning ever so slightly over the shoulder of the woman in front of me, I waved so long to Culebra for now. Not the best photos in the world, but it is my world and dealing with imperfections is a part of living and learning to live here. Along with using the little camera with the mold inside of it...So there you go.

Then, after a good Jet Blue flight next to a Brit who lives in St. Martin half the year and Cannes, France the other half (just your regular guy),  it was hello, San Juan!

After a taxi ride with the slowest taxi driver in the history of San Juan - and I'm not joking - we were there in plenty of time. Again, if Culebra doesn't teach you anything else, she teaches patience. Of a sort. I may really be a mellow person by the time I'm too feeble to fret.

It was dark when we left SJU for Fort Lauderdale. I could see lights as we glided over the Bahamas, probably seeing more places lit than I knew existed in daylight. Bu they were too faint to photograph.

The South Florida coastline, lit up in bright city lights, came into view, but a glance back and there was the crescent moon, it was almost filling up the window. How high were we, anyway? I knew by the time I got the camera out it would be too late so trying was not an option. Maybe it would have come out just looking like the moon in an airplane window, so some things are best left to memory.

Back at Casa Jonny, it was stone crabs and wine. And that...was fine. Blissfully fine!

Even though it looks like I might be in pain, I am really in bliss. And yes, I chopped my bangs off while I was waiting, a bad habit I have to deal with stress. Teresa didn't get there in time to stop that event, but did get there in time before I shaved my head.
For today, it's regroup time before heading up to the center east coast area of Fla for Tortugua. I think I can manage, between the beach at the end of the street, the pool and the futon to get through the day in good fashion.

At the end of the street lies the Atlantic. Ocean, that is.

There's always a way to make a porch.

Life is excellent. My crown of Luckiest Woman in the World sits lightly yet firmly on my head.

Have a wish you were (and make it so) Wednesday. Do something wagontrainishly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ On The Road Again

Since today is the day I leave to head toward my new-to-me tiny home on wheels, that's what is consuming my brain right now. I won't actually see it until Thursday, when my brother and I drive up from South Fla to get Tortugua and make her mine officially. Official. Something I've not done much of for the last 20 years, but here we go!

These are a couple of interior shots of what she looks like now. The blind over the couch covers that nice size letting in light window. Trust me, there will be MANY more photos to come and brown will not be the predominant color scheme. Or whatever that color is.

The little window with the a/c in it looks out the back. Eventually, I will replace that with a window again, being the somewhat claustrophobic  that I am. I'd rather have a window than a/c. Easy for me to say, but that's how I feel about it right now.

Behind the wall on the right is the little bathroom, including the shower. Tiny indeed but how good to be able to have that? Very good.

So at the risk of boring you, dear reader, here is a one more time photo of the yet unseen Tortugua!

I need a good Culebra tortugua sticker!

While the big trip won't be until next Spring (this time will be a driving around Florida shake down), inside I'm already on the road again.

Have a take to the (non) toll turnpikes Tuesday. Do something trafficless.