Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Last of the Mountains

Culture shock has come and gone; back in the city again. Road works and trucks and traffic oh my!! But before that...

Luckily the big dog that belongs to this house was on a leash...

The Coffee boys still keep the best old vehicles!

Still used as a hot rod
(probably once used for 'shine runs)
The Blue Ridge Parkway was color full

Bamboo Gap
There are a lot of good barns around but they sneak up really fast in the up and down of the mountains. I caught what I could.

Just in case you forgot it was Halloween soon.
American pumpkins!

I like the town of Boone a lot but it was packed the day we went there.
Still some good doors though!

A Christmas tree farm

If I were a collector of things instead of photos...

Where are the windows?
Do these sections open? I'll have to find out next time. 

The prettiest barn around
It's good to be back in shorts again!! Tomorrow I'll head up the coast with a friend, back to my old stomping grounds for a few days before coming back here to get back home. It's a good thing I don't make plans...

Have a treat your toes to tapping Tuesday. Do something ticklish. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Moving Right Along

As my time in the mountains draws to a close, fall is really ramping up (no ramps though, that's a Spring thing - how to forage sustainably for them can be read about here). Every day brings brighter colors, every more than a breath of wind brings a shower of leaves letting go, returning to earth to do what leaves do if you let them. I like that much better than plastic bags full of leaves taken...somewhere. 

My daily walks get longer as it gets cooler (though today they say it will be in the 80's! I'll believe it when I feel it), but keeping an eye on things seen before is fun. 

This is what happened to the mushroom family.

Mushroom flowers!

The way they shred out as they open makes me want to try eating one so much - but I won't. I definitely need a mycologist up here someday!

This little one is still bravely blooming
My brother will be up here tomorrow and everything will change. From food to activities. I've not been off the mountain now for a few weeks, which is nothing like not being off of Culebra for a few weeks. It's been a good time of sorting things out for the next phase of the journey. I dare not say a plan because that word and I don't seem to get along very smoothly. I didn't go stir crazy. Well, except for that one night but what is wrong with singing along with Eric Clapton songs very loudly while dancing? Maybe scaring away any wild creatures for the foreseeable future but hey, there's lot of forest out here.

You just keep me hanging on...

Surprising me, no rain came from this very dramatic cloud
While out walking, I saw another tree that had broken during the storm. It wasn't in the road but it was stuck in a wedged place against another tree that eventually could have fallen and done some damage. At least, that was our story when LC tossed a line over it, secured it to the truck and pulled it down. 

Sadly, there aren't many of these particular pines left as a nasty beetle
has made inroads, killing many of them

Unfortunately, this tree was a victim of the beetles
so when the wind came it was just weak enough to break
Things get done up here much like they do at home!

It took a few truck tugs to bring it down 

Did you know the smell of pine sap deters cottonmouth snakes?
It's true.

All piled up for someone to use AFTER the fire ban is lifted

Poor tree
It is/was such a gorgeous tree, it makes me a little sad just to walk by it. Even though there is no shortage of gorgeous trees here, this one always caught my attention because of its curvaceous limbs and beautifully figured bark.

Falling in love with trees is sort of like having fun with balloons; it is best to keep in mind it's a temporary pleasure. Damn you, Shel Silverstein!

The moon is still pretty glorious in rising. Keep your eyes open tonight!

Have a treerific Tuesday! Do something totally tingly.