Thursday, May 9, 2019

Another Housesitting Hill Adventure!

Sometimes when I'm feeling wah wah about things I can't do with a bad arm, I'm hit strongly with the realization that it may be bad, but at least I have it. And that if it were in fine fettle, I don't know if I'd do as much house and critter sitting as I get to do. Which means, on the balance scales, I'm seeing me as heavy on the luckiest woman in the world side. 

Here are a few captures of a couple of days of 'oh wow!'

Dem's da flats

If everyone in the world could be together and have this view,
I think it might stop wars

Bachelor Row

So many blues!

Heading home

The fastest tri around these waters!
(and it's going to be for sale sooner than later!)

Up a little closer

Good night, Sol

Early morning, looking around the corner

Runnin' the bay


Yes, I added some drama here. Because I can!

Dogs and views and tomatoes from the vine; life is good! Take your magic from wherever you can find it. 

Have a tender-hearted Thursday. Do something that gently thrills you.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Some Days You Find the Bear

I'm not sure what our goal was in our drive the other day except maybe finding a futon mattress. Somehow we came home with wines and olive oils and vinegars and cheese, along with plants and we actually DID find the futon mattress! With a futon. But it won't be here until after I'm gone, so I'll have to wait for the photos. 

This was a little strip of very architecturally cool buildings. There were only about 4 or 5 of them and nothing interesting, but whoever was in charge of the project cared about the details. Kudos to that person!

All hand-welded criss-cross rebar like rods.
The planters, the pavers, everything was 'right'.

Gates leading to an alley
Somebody cared and so did we!

Even the lock was cool!
We didn't find the mattress there, even though there was a bedding place (that was closed). So onward we went. Suddenly a profusion of flowers and antique looking whatevers made us both exclaim while Francie started looking for a parking spot. The backyard was full of all sorts of old everything, wrought iron tables and chairs, planters, swings, bed frames, windows, yard art, it was there. And then there was more.

Suitcases are big now in decor. Not my thing but they sell.

Yes, I DO want this on the houseboat. What a beauty!
This is a freestanding old style greenhouse/gazebo type of building. It was full of all sorts of furniture and architecture bits and pieces. I wanted to live in it. 

I saw a photo of this on the website without all the stuff around it.
It just made me love it more. 

It wasn't all old pieces, there was a fair amount of whimsy going on. 

Inside the greenhouse
I can't believe I didn't get photos of the profusion of plants but it's probably because we got busy looking and suddenly we were buying. 5 more plants for the front garden area that is now pretty full of color. If you find yourself in Wildwood, FL and have some time, and if you like this sort of controlled chaos, check out Cottage Garden & Gifts and meet Patty, the owner. You'll be glad you did. 

There is another little row of shops nearby that we wandered into, one was called The Ancient Olive. I've been in places like this before, but this was one of the better ones with jams and pastas and of course, plenty of the expected, but I find them irresistible anyway. Meandering around tasting infused oils and vinegars and sampling cheeses seems like a valuable way to spend time and luckily, Francie agreed. We picked up a few sample bottles of oils and vinegars (even though you can taste them on the spot, seeing what you want to cook them with is an experiment. After making some pork loin and pasta last night, using the garlic and aji verde respectively, I think the big bottles will be here next time. 

Up on one of Francie's handmade floating shelves
Next, we checked out the wine store and I can't remember the name of it, sorry. I think the display was one of the better ones I've seen, with each bottle on a single shelf from fairly high up to fairly low down, with a description of the region and the wine and the price on a good sized placard next to it, so you didn't have to ask 24 questions or not ask any questions but not know much more than the label says. 

Francie asked about a pinot noir from her hometown in Washington state and he had one. He also had a white from the same region, so we got one of each. I'm here to tell you they are both good but the red is lusciously good.

The last place we went, just for the hell of it, had exactly the futon mattress Francie wanted and at the right price, so it was one of those days where, with no hurry and no big expectations, all sorts of A+ happenings occurred. That's a good thing. A very good thing.

Have a must-April-Fool someone Monday. Do something monkeyshiny!