Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So we took a walk today...

...and I don't think much explanation is needed other than the fact that I like graveyards. A lot, in fact. As does my daughter Sarah, so she took me to her neighborhood graveyard, the Lone Fir.

This is the oldest graveyard in Portland and rather big. So big in fact, that though she's been there a number of times, she's missed a couple of good ones...some we found today. I realized later that we both missed some really good ones, mentioned in this article. We've decided we'll call the number in the article and ask for a tour. They have a spooky one for Halloween, but I won't be here then.

For now...we liked these stones, some much more than others. We like the peacefulness, we liked the shoes and shirt lying by a tree...with nobody in them. It's a personal call, this liking of graveyards; you'll have to decide for yourselves. All photos can be clicked on to enlarge.

The trees are amazing here!

The following headstones are known as WOW headstones, for Woodmen of the World. That does not mean they were loggers, as I thought. For the unusual story behind these unusual headstones, click here. Whatever they are as an organization, they sure left behind some ornate and unique stones for their more affluent members.

Guess this guy had a pretty big policy!

Sarah had told me about this but seeing it was lots better! 

The hands are used a lot on gravestones here; 
there is something very tender in these stone hands

He looks so bemused and she looks very stern

I love the inscription...I think I would have liked them too

King Jackson, RIP

Sad story by the dates...

The Asian section is at the far end of the graveyard.The stones
are simple and beautiful, with this large, rather ornate exception

 'We Loved Her' - what else matters?

Just that simple

This is the headstone from the back...check out her facial expression.

 And from the front - newlyweds, maybe?

Russian gravestone fads

 And then we went to Zuban's - a most unusual store combining gourmet 
with pedestrian in almost random ways...well, until you get to the vinegar aisle

If anyone I know has a 200.00 bottle of vinegar around, 
may I taste it please? I'd really like to know what the difference is.

And I made zucchini cranberry muffins yesterday! They were a house hit and one I will definitely repeat at home, just not with Elijah's fabulous zucchini. But I'll call them Elijah's Zucchini Muffins anyway, because his produce inspired them. And just because Mom's are like that - sometimes.

Have a wondrous Wednesday. Do something wide.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photos of times and places

Heading north - pretty, isn't it? No, it's breathtakingly gorgeous!
Down at sea level, living the life we love

The shot Elijah picked...good eye, kiddo!
Looking toward Crescent City, I think...not a real pretty town
Gushing rushing river and a hole that I bet took a LONG time to make
Just some more damn beautiful country - the road followed the river, that was the not so twisty part, which means it was really twisty but not as intense as a lot of the road!

A very cool tunnel - yes, we honked and hollered
Here's some of the seriously twisted road, a complete downhill switchback ahead...and a semi-truck heading our way...really. They don't drive slow either, the road sign I didn't get is of a truck FALLING OVER on one of these turns.
Hooray! We made it!
At this point, I have some really sweet photos of Sarah and Elijah but I'm afraid they'd cut off my fingers if I post them, so I can't. But...

This is yarn Janet (from the farm) made and Elijah brought to Sarah, our knitting goddess
A shrine someone made on the corner in the neighborhood here...yep, I must be in Portland
Elijah taking off to head back to California
Which pretty much brings us up, sort of, to now and dinner time. Have a great Sunday/Monday!! Do something with So Much love!

Some catch up...sans photos

The drive from Northern California to Portland was full of a lot of things...roads with twists and turns and more twists and turns, for one. I think I put a wee dent in the passenger side floorboard, but Elijah did an excellent job of driving and the only time I got a little freaked was when I thought we were going to run out of gas - which we didn't. When did my children get so smart?

Along the way we stopped at some friends of his who have a serene place in Grant's Pass, OR. Next door to them (outside of their fenced acres) lives a family of bears; apparently generational on the property for 50 years plus. Not pets, just...there. Supposedly they are well behaved bears...ok. We kept the dogs close by.

We got to their house, an unplanned stop, via the worst food I've ever tried to eat in my life - do NOT believe that all neat wooden signs advertising breweries mean a cool place. If you are ever hungry in Cave Junction, Oregon and see a sign for Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co., keep driving, there is hope up the road. Or in our case, there was Brit and John up the road, where we grilled fantastic locally made sausage, with squash and corn from Elijah's farm. Oh, we should have known when the bbq 'choice of meat' offerings included turkey or pastrami. Or when Elijah ordered his Black Angus burger on the rare side and she told us it was already cooked...yes, we should have walked then, but nooooooooooo. At the end, after a bite of our food choices each, when we declared - well, Elijah, much more politely than I would have, declared the food inedible, we were offered the choice of cash back or a gift certificate...just typing that makes me feel queasy...we took the money and ran. Were the dogs still in the car? What WAS that on those buns???

Lunch blurred the memory and then we were off to Eugene, to meet up with a musician friend of mine I haven't seen for 40 years. It was great to see Pete and meet his girlfriend Rosemary, who is editor for Northwest Travel and Oregon Coast magazines. Pete is still playing music and I felt 16 again for a few minutes there. I look forward to having more time with them next year...

Finally in Portland with Sarah. Seeing Sarah and Elijah together just gets my Mama heart melty, which disgusts them while they grin. Now Elijah has gone back to California and the kaleidoscope turns again. It's been a beautiful turning.

Sorry about no photos...Blogger is doing something tweaky to their photo upload bit and I can't seem to get anything where it should be. So photos next, hopefully.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the way and on his way

We are supposed to be in Oregon right now, but Elijah's dog Ragamuffin took a runner the night before and didn't get home until dusk last night. Since he's never done that before we weren't exactly still having high hopes, but then, there he was and very, very glad to be back. So as soon as the coffee is consumed along with a few odds and ends, we head up the coast. Right now it's foggy, but hopefully that will burn off.

Hopefully, in fact, it will be clear everywhere tonight for the Super Harvest Moon. For the first time in 20 years...well, read it yourself, in a much more NASA-like fashion, here. And please don't forget to dance in the moonlight if you can; you'll be glad you did.

And for all of those friends and family who have sent thoughts, goodies, and most importantly, love, to my brother Jonny, here is proof that he's been working hard to get out of that bed, back home and back to work! Congrats, brother mine! You're more than halfway there!

Day Two on the Job!

Have a turning Thursday! Do something transforming!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

They really ARE big!

Yesterday we went down to Shelter Cove to the lighthouse and the rocks. There were seals all OVER the place!!! It was incredible and beautiful...


When we got close, the seals starting jumping in the water...well, waddling in

It was an amazing of those times you get to see nature at one of her shining points and share it with someone who feels just the same way. Thanks, Elijah!! Thanks, seals!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

A sample letter to send

If you chose to send an e-mail re: Vila mi Terruno, here is the type of thing needed. Just send it to
It's very simple just add your name & address to a short note.

I would like to be included on Coralations  motion for reconsideration to the Environmental  Quality Board regarding the recent approval of the Villa Mi Terruno environmental impact study.
Your Name ___________
Your Address _____________

This project will harm Culebra's delicate balance of nature & social development. The land will be scarred and the water environment will be negatively affected. Culebra's infrastructure cannot sustain a project of this size.  We still only have 1 garbage truck on this island. Our traffic situation in town cannot sustain any more vehicles from this project. Our  transportation services are already strained. I suffer when I imagine all of the construction and destruction that Villa Mi Terruno will cause.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is long, but if you love Culebra, it's worth your time

Proyecto Villa Mi Terruño....

... un nuevo pueblo propuesto para la pequeña isla de Culebra; JCA ya aprobo la Declaración Impacto Ambiental
..another town proposed for the small island of Culebra EQB approved the final Environmental Impact Study

DESCRIPCIONES DEL PROYECTO                                            PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS

(pg pg 42 del Declaracion Impacto Ambiental / Environmental Impact Study
Otra descripción de la DIA       
                                                                  Another description from the EIS .....

Terruno road mess

el daño continúa / the damage continues


2 de sep, 2009    PRENSA COMUNITARIA
UNIVISION 7 sep, 2009 :YouTube
9 de sep, 2009    VOCERO           
8 de sep, 2009   VOCERO                  

29 de mao 2009   Alcalde de Culebra
foto de arriba  /  photo above
Corales en peligro de extinción en la costa caribeña del proyecto.

Corals listed as endangered on the endangered species list found along the Caribbean coast of the project.
Tome Acción Por Favor
   Culebra necesita de tu ayuda
Todos los que tengan interés en ser incluidos en la moción de reconsideración de CORALations para la Junta de Calidad Ambiental en relación a la reciente aprobación de la declaración de impacto ambiental de Villa Mi Terruño, por favor envíen emails a con:
Su Nombre:
Su Dirección:
y una breve descripción de cómo este denso proyecto Villa Mi Terruño le impactará negativamente.
Aquellos interesados en unirse a la moción no tienen que asistir a corte o tener títulos de sus propiedades.  El hecho de estar afectado negativamentepor el proyecto propuesto es suficiente para esto.
El estudio final de impacto ambiental está lleno de lagunas y confiamos en que ganaremos la apelación, si es que la JCA no reconsidera la moción.  Este proyecto continúa en su etapa de planificación. 
Nosotros nos encargaremos de que los comentarios lleguen a tiempo y de que todas las partes interesadas sean apropiadamente notificadas.  Culebra no es la isla grande y somos afortunados al tener leyes especiales que la protegen.
La fecha límite es el martes 21 de septiembre a las 6:00pm
<>< <>< <>< O ><> ><> ><>
Culebra needs your help.
Anyone interested in being included on CORALation's motion for reconsideration to the Environmental Quality Board regarding the recent approval of the Villa Mi Terruño environmental impact study, please email to with:

Your Name:

Your Address:

and a brief description of how the dense Villa Mi Terruño will negatively impact you.
Inclusion on this motion for reconsideration is not limited to the current organizational members.  Those wishing to join in the motion do not have to appear in court, or hold clear title to property.

The final environmental impact study is full of holes and we are confident we will win the appeal, should the Environmental Quality Board fail to reconsider the motion.  This project is still in the planning stage.  Culebra is not the big island and we are fortunate to have special laws to protect it.

Deadline is Tuesday, 21 Sept at 6:00 pm.
jp president
P.O. Box 750  Culebra,  Puerto Rico  00775
(c )787-556-6234   (o)1-877-772CORAL
(f) 1-530-618-4605
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[1] Permiso Simples Villa Mi Terruño y ultimo permiso
NOTE:  although only one number on the sign, multiple simple permits were apparently issued for the poorly planned and constructed dirt roads now contaminating coastal waters of Culebra.

[2] DRNA Reglamentos de Permiso Simple Dec 2004
NOTE: The DRNA Regulations indicate that what they did is an abuse of a Simple Permit.

[3]  Ponencia Dr. Edwin Hernandez Delgado 2009
NOTE:  Dr. Edwin Hernandez utilized GIS technical program to determine 9km of roads were cleared on this property with endangered endemic species onsite and in coastal waters being contaminated.

[4] Various descriptions of Project submitted to agencies and previous consulta
NOTE:  The project is so dense and complicated that the official project descriptions often conflict with eachother......this will make agency oversight...should this ever become an option....virtually impossible in the construction process.

[5] Aerial images from project's presentation documenting roads created that are consistent with the ubicacion over the past few years.
NOTE:  The project's own presentation documents the illegal road construction.

[6]  Violación Junta de Calidad Ambiental

[7]  Terruño Plan CES Solicitación
NOTE:  This indicates they are not soliciting an erosion control plan for a mega development that has yet to pass through proper planning channels, but for work on an existing house...

[8]  JCA carta a Ombudsmon

[9] Intervención Ombudsmon

[10] FEMA Land Use Maps
NOTE:  This project impacts area that the Land Use Management Plan implemented restricted development zoning to protect the coastal resources from erosion and siltation caused by impacts to steep sloping volcanic soils.

[11] Comunicación de DRNA 11 jun 2007
DRNA Concerned about endorsement...public navy lands onsight

[12] Comunicación de DRNA 2009
DRNA project has fragmented ecology of area, concerned about project, no endorsement

[13] United States Fish and Wildlife Freedom of Information Act
NOTE: USFWS over time has told silt ponds..this will cause more damage to habitat critical to endangered species and it did....they recommended no unsustainable plastic erosion control materials..which were used...bombs litter the area, ...goes on and on until they make a DEAL to propogate the endangered endemic cactus and like PR Land and Fruits did at the muellecito on Mt. Resaca...and then the "deal" is twisted by developers to look like a permit or endorsement from the Agency...

[14] National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1)

[15] National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (2)
NOTE:  The NMFS FOIA revealed that there are intentions to build a marina at Cascajo.

[16] Playa Cascajo that abuts project is listed Resource Cat 1 Critical Habitat, considered irreparable if destroyed.
NOTE:  One would wonder what the point of such a designation is if it is not proactively defended by the agencies, how for example, could EPA "legalize" what has happened by issuing a minor fine and NPDES permit for lands that should never have been touched without proper permits?

[17]  Critical Habitat Waters: Sea Turtles

[18]   Critical Habitat Waters: Corals

[19] EPA Penalty Order
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