Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Wedding Weekend

Right off the bat, I know weddings full of people you don't know are really not much in the attention grabbing department, but I'm making an exception here because of two reasons - 1) I really love a bunch of people who made this extravaganza happen and 2) it was way big fun and that was WITHOUT the three day open bar. Ok, maybe some of that was about the bar...

Making the pulled pork tacos for lunch on day 2
(it all sort of runs together a bit,
there was major food and drink from the get go)

Elijah testing that the swing could not run into the hanging lights
That's his story and I'm sticking to it

Some cool homemade wind decor

While back in the bar...

Post ceremony
There were a LOT of happy tears and hugging going on

Bride and sister in law(s)

Oh good, the kissing part!

Elijah in his best man suit, O in her flower girl dress

All the handsome lads GQing it

Walking carefully in 'the dress'

Showing off the newly be-ringed finger

La familia (there's lots more but rounding up cats is HARD!)

One of the kids' tables
No one had a chance to be bored at this wedding

Marley and Pat (oops, sorry, Marley, didn't mean to get the mouth full thing)

Elijah giving his best man speech
Yes, more tears

Ryan's 3 sisters, three very awesome young women
There is a fourth sister who had to grind the books and couldn't make it. Damn.

Happy guests everywhere
These are SOOOO out of order but...
This is prior to the wedding
The theme was Art and there was art everywhere!

Elijah stringing the lights

Did I mention there was a lot of food?
All the time?

The bar. This was a very kid friendly affair, but I'm still not sure why
Iko actually seemed to claim a particular bar stool every day.

The guy with the beard might be one of the funniest people I ever met.
He has about six names, I just called him hilarious.

All day the smoke wafted around the place, tempting us.
It was well worth the wait. 

Carol and her daughter Cassidy drove in from NC. It was sooooo
good to see them again, after many, many years! 

Writing yet more lists. 

Vrai (the bride's youngest son) made some outstanding salsa

This was 'the tree' for Nesta to hang out and us too

Games and painting and and and

There was a puppy that got more attention than any puppy ever

Iris and Marley, pre-wedding

Allie and Iko. That dress lasted on her about 5 minutes,
this is the only shot I got of her in it 

The tears started now

Funniest officiant I've ever heard at a wedding.
He said earlier something along the lines of
'They wanted a serious smart ass, I guess that's me'
This is supposed to be a video. It would have been had my camera battery not died.
Right then. GEEZE!

It was all about the hat

Morning after recoup on the verandah 

Oh! A tiny baby!

Tiny baby draws a crowd. 

Iris and Iko in the zone

These kids were all great, keeping an eye on each other and having fun.

While back in the bar...

Dave and Papa take Iko to the cherry tree

The order is a mess but the days were a little more orderly. Pretty much! A beautiful setting, awesome people from all over the country, new friends, old friends celebrating the public joining of heart friends. That works for me!

Have a traveling toward touching-hearts Tuesday. Do something tenderly.

And welcome home, Jake and Randi!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Some California country (inn)

After a 4 hour, beautiful drive that, of course, started two hours late and beyond by going into one of those insane markets up in Eureka with all good everything, where I become helplessly enthralled and bewildered by just cheese choices alone (even the liquor store leaves me fairly dazed, with its 20 kinds of different Bloody Mary mix, along with 5 or 8 kinds of tonic, forget asking how many kinds of alcohol; spoiler: the answer is too many) we arrived at the Carrville Inn for our friends' wedding. 

But first, we had to get here. In Dave's awesome new vehicle. Packed with four people and enough gear and clothes that we were carrying air mattresses and giant computers on our laps. Well, except for Dave. 

Half of the trip was along this river. The Mad River. Or the Trinity.
Or maybe something else. It was rushingly beautiful.

There is no shortage of trees or of mountains, but like oceans,
they are all different. 

Surprisingly red dirt out here. I thought we took a wrong turn into Georgia.

Those are not birds, just shot through a speckled windshield.
Speckled. That sounds chirpy, doesn't it?

The longest stretch of straight road there was.
Switchbacks galore. 
Wow. I think we've all said wow a lot around here. Three stories of history and acres of...well, here.

You'll get a lot more interior photos on the link above, people or their stuff filled most of the rooms so I didn't do an ad type shoot. Even with family friends, I wasn't going there. 

It was pretty funny, since Dave brought two dozen eggs from his chickens,
Elijah brought two dozen eggs, Katie brought 2 dozen eggs and the first thing you see on the porch is a very large egg basket with, of course, two dozen eggs from the chickens here.
I need to make a potato tortilla. And a quiche. And scrambled eggs. And...

Incredible roses growing all around the property.

The dining room

The incredible kitchen that we all want. There are labels on everything and I mean EVERY thing. I was looking for a skewer for a Bloody Mary and immediately found one in the cupboard labeled Odds & Ends. There's even a corkscrew drawer. 

Since this won't fit on the houseboat, I could enjoy it without too much lust.

This won't fit on the houseboat either but lust abounded. I am not alone.
Coolest fridge ever.

There are a LOT of rooms on the main floor but somehow we all find our way back into the kitchen. A lot.

This is where I ate my breakfast this morning. This WAS my breakfast this morning.

Of course there is a veranda. Do they say veranda out here? 

The count of dogs has now surpassed the count of babies.
Lots of nice kids and adults too.
 Obviously, there has to be an Iko section. 

Iko picking cherries, with help from Mama

Have you got enough?

Not if I keep eating them!
She even learned how to spit the pits!

Sharing with Tia Sarah
The pool is a big attraction. It's super sunny here, which is beautiful, but warm so even though the pool is too cold for me, no one else seems to care. Marco Polo!



And they all smell good!

Bathing beauties

Vrae walking on water 

They were THIS good
The rehearsal has happened, some delicious aroma is wafting through the house, there will be pig on a spit on the delectably diverse menu on tap. Maybe I should make deviled eggs. Hmmmmmmmm.

Have a fink about it Friday. Do something fervently.