Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

February Time Flying

February is the shortest month but I'd be hard pressed to think of a month more full and seemingly very long lasting. Beside having my brother and daughter Sarah here at the beginning (seems like a year ago now!), my son and his family are still around, right now over on the big island enjoying the wonders of the rain forest, mountains and other beaches. And that was just for starters.

The wonderful yearly event of the Friends of Culebra auction was a great success. For awhile there, that new big space seemed like it would look a bit bare of people but it was just Culebra time at work. Soon the chairs were almost all full of supporters of FCA, looking for fun things to add to their lives. From food to art to cutting boards, gorgeous throws, an antique ship light, was all there. 

John takes it away

Daphne and Olivia beat out Vanna White any day
(those girls work hard!)

Bids flew around like birds

And so did Daphne

Louis and his version of Cats

There was SO much good food, and plenty of it
Decisions, decisions!

Robert was there with beer up for auction and fun stuff from
Lagunita's. I'm loving the springy coolie and glass.
Clean up time went fast! 
I was supposed to go to Culebrita with the family but my back said 'Stay home!' so I missed out on a sharing those photos. But a good time was had by all. Another day...

I did make it to Molly's party with family in tow. What I thought was going to be a few people and a couple of music makers turned out to be a mini-concert, with lots of folks. Between visitors and live here's musical abilities, we rocked the night (read, the players and the appreciators both).

You ever notice that wherever people gather on Culebra,
there is always amazing food? It's true!

Baby dancing

O took advantage of the pool. I think a few of us were tempted to join in.

Tambourine on!

Chuck did a fine version of El Paso
(and remembers all the words!)
Along the way and in-between.

This boat was there one minute and gone the next

O enjoying life on the stern

The clarity yesterday was brilliant

So long, y'all! See you Friday.
And now, it's back to laundry. Hooray for wifi that is faster than our old dial up connections.

Have a thrilling Thursday. Do something tantamount. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Going, Going, Gone!

Today is the Friends of Culebra Animals yearly auction, with fun things to bid on, awesome food to eat, friends to be made and friends to catch up with. This year the auction is at the basketball court behind El Batey, easy to get to and parking around and about. Happy hour with food and drink is from 2-3, the auction is from 3 to 5. Entrance donation is 15.00. 

If you know Culebra or are simply here and love animals, you know the very hard work that gets done from love all year 'round, so come out, support FCA and have a good time. A pretty sweet deal all around!

Yesterday was the veggie market and the colors were glowing in the morning light. 

I remember a time when we first started getting such a variety and I was so excited to see so many fruits and veggies. I'd buy anything that was beautiful, just because I could. Now, while it isn't the plethora of a city market, we have so many more choices, both here and at D's Garden veggie spot. Signed, Grateful

Melones in the afternoon is as beautiful as Melones anytime.

Rockin' the beach
Yesterday was a time to watch tarpon before an ear piercing with Dr. Del Toro. No, I didn't know he pierced ears, but he does. And no, I didn't watch. It was better to watch the baby sleep on the couch for this Grandma.

(photo by O)
We found this great percussion instrument at the Galleria. It makes a very fine rattle and a sort of fine chew toy.

The other night Elijah and Allie prepared an excellent meal. Chicken and tostones, salad and grilled veggies all came together in a medley of deliciousness. What is better than good food, family and new friends? Not much.

Speaking of food and friends, it's time to check on my contribution to the Auction! See you there in person or in spirit, all are welcome.

Have a shot-in-the-dark Saturday. Do something speculatively. Sold!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hello, So Long, Splash! Repeat.

Sarah finally got better and headed back to California, where crazy rains are ending the drought in a major way. She arrived home safe and sound, to find home safe and sound, so that's the good thing. 

A last bit of baby play time. They'll see each other again in a couple of weeks but things change fast with a baby! Psst, Sarah, she's crawling now!

Yes, I am the happiest baby!

Oh Auntie Sarah!
She got to sit in the babe seat. Of course.
 We waited until the plane taxied and flew away.

Because that's what we do.

So long, Sarah! Until next time.
Dropped off at the beach, friends and I did the chairs and umbrella thing. A new quiet way to be at the beach and for a switch, I recommend it. Shade, breeze and comfort, books and beverages. It was pretty much perfect.

The next morning it was looking like an excellent day to get some water for the boat. The easiest way is by dinghy. Fill the bottles up right in the dinghy, save lifting them more than once. It's not a bad little ritual, and if you have to haul water (and I do, until the rain catcher time happens), this is a pretty nice road to drive.

It was glassy low tide

I have to say I was pretty surprised how very shallow it is in areas I didn't know about. The water was gin clear, I'd been thinking I was in maybe six or more feet of water. Not! I'd say something about, so far, not going aground somewhere I shouldn't be, but we don't say that.

Coming in the 'wrong way'

Heading back out. Glad I was wearing a hat!
Later the last family standing came out to Grandma's house to swim in the pool.

Little Mermaid

Everybody in the pool!

No sunbathing on the deck when your skin is so brand new!

Ah, the sun and water takes it out of a girl
Friends from the cold country are dwindling. Today it was Linda's turn for heading out into the friendly skies. Luckily the cafe was open and oh my, seriously delicious coffee!

We'll miss you until the next time, dear friend!
I don't know why we were laughing but it usually happens pretty easily.
Onward into this Valentine's Day. Coupled or single, there is plenty of love to go around. Share the wealth!

Have a thankful Tuesday. Do something thrivingly tender.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Full Moon, Family, Friends and Food. Of Course.

Fleeting times have big moments and one of them was yesterday. With a full moon and an eclipse promised, along with a comet (which we didn't see), it meant late beach time. T organized us and we actually all made it to the beach for the view!

But that wasn't the only thing that happened.

Waiting for the laundry to be done is a lot nicer here than by the gas station.

While waiting for the dryer to do its job, I was walking toward the PO when a really cute Mini Cooper came along. But what? There were a LOT of cute Mini Coopers! They had come over from the west side of Puerto Rico for an event. A guy saw me taking photos and asked if I'd send them to him; he's the president of the club. I said of course, and could I have a tee shirt? The extras were for the Mayor and others who helped make this happen though, so maybe I'll get one in the mail. Stealing the Mayor's tee shirt would be bad.

Another biggie was the baby coming out to the houseboat. She hates her life vest, but once it was off, she was pretty happy to play on a gently moving floor. 

Elijah said there was a surprise for me once we got back to the house. Truthfully, I'd have lost a lot of money if I'd tried to guess what it was. He and my daughter Sarah made sushi happen! Wow! Thanks, my kids and thanks, Jennifer, it was soooooo good!

Then it was time to herd all the cats to the beach for the moonrise. We were there and settled in time for glory moments.

These are a few of my favorite peeps

O kept herself busy making a natural art work.

"Don't go in the..." Never mind. 

It's been so good having Linda here. It's always as if she lives here again.
The moon just got better and better.

What a view the people in this plane got.
A fine beginning of a trip to St. Thomas.
Baby's first full moon party on the beach.

A mutual love affair

Me with the grand girls.

I didn't have the right lens with me but you can tell (if you look real close)
that there is a slice of moon in shadow.
Today my daughter Sarah heads back to California. I will head directly to the beach, offsetting THAT farewell. There's plenty of salt in the ocean.

Good morning, happy baby! Nancy made this dress for her (and a big sister version for O; she wore it on the plane). Baby looks good in clothing made of love. 

Have a scrumptious Saturday. Do something salutary.