Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Melones Afternoon

I took a walk to Melones yesterday afternoon, hoping for a colorful sunset. Instead, quite far above the horizon, the washed out yellow ball slid into a dense cloud bank with only a small whimper. Or maybe that was me. There were still visual pleasures to be had and I had them.

You can barely see them in the photo, but a nice young couple were out there in an inflatable of a kind I'd not seen before, at least in a personal size. While I wandered around, they came to shore. We had a little chat while he put the engine on a dolly, deflated the boat and then they drove away. A bit of work but more than enough fun to balance it out.

A little closer look

Mario's poor zinc boat planter needs some love
This shoreline always captivates me

Nice spot for a cool beer

We've had so much rain even the rocks are sprouting

Resting between swoops

Nope, not walking any farther today.
If you can guess who this is, you know your Culebra!
There was some good singing going on.
A little bit of wave action after the ferry had passed by

Good night, dear Sol. Turning in early is a good thing sometimes.
Have a satisfying Saturday. Do something simple. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

The weather has been pretty typically summery around here lately. Disturbed with tropical waves, downpours and today the sun working to shine through the mist/dust. Breeziness to cut the humidity, clouds to keep it less than terribly hot, it's definitely on the upside of good days here for the summer. 

The moon still hanging around at 8 a.m. ish
Nope, not crystal clear but another kind of magic
This is a pretty normal look for this time of year. Keep your eyes on the East!

Every time I see this painted rock it is with amused bemusement. Who sees a rock and gets this from it and then actually paints it? I've seen rocks that are shaped like everything from bears to profiles, but the idea of painting in a 3 dimensional way is not in my skill set. I'm glad it's in the set of whoever did this one! 

Do I want to see every rock painted? No I do not!
But a little subtle whimsy along the way? Oh yes.
You can't really tell from this photo but the mustache is a glittery silver.
With some brush cleared out, this view opened up along the road
Someone has some really long arms.
And since Free Range Friday should include some food and I'm not cooking much, I'll bring back a summer oldie. It was brought to mind by a website I get updates from on most days, called Canal House Cooks Lunch. I pretty much eat lunch with them every day in my imagination and my daughter Sarah and I send them back and forth to each other, with appropriate amounts of drool included. Sarah's last response to the latest I sent was 'I hate them.' She doesn't, but I get it. They are clever writers - each post is only about a 30 second read - and brilliant chefs, in a very cool part of the country. Shhhh!

Lately they've been doing summer salads, but not your usual take on a summer salad. Except yesterday when they did duck. Yeah, I hate them too.

This was mainly made because I'd grown the tomatoes.

And the basil too. 
Have a finely fused Friday. Do something frankly.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Into Every Sun a Big Ol' Cloud Might Fall Up

Tis' the season and all that. Rainy, windy, cloudy. With weather and seasons pretty unpredictable these days/months/years, I don't mind having a bit of a rainy season. Sorry tourists, for you and for certain businesses, that it is not so shiny bright, but we used to have a rainy season, when this was just how it was at this time of year. Adaptation is good for the soul. If there isn't thunder and/or lightning, the beach can still be a dramatically fun place to go. Or the bar(s) restaurant(s) of your choice(s) that are open!

And p.s. it's not really rainy for the whole season. On days like today it sort of feels like it, though. More soup weather!

There is still beauty in the subtleness of muted light

Some wind acton going on!
If you wonder about how you'd fare on a very small island, here's a little test. If you can look at the same view 1000 times and enjoy the fact that it is never the same, in a way that really and truly affects your spirit, you might make it here. 

While you ponder those deep mysteries, go find some "Melicoccus bijugatus, commonly called Spanish limegenipguinepgenipeginepaquenepaquenepechenetcanepamamónlimoncilloskinipkinnip...It is known as huaya in Campeche and Mérida" ackee (in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados) or mamoncillo..." to enjoy. 

The trees around the island are loaded. If you see an overhanging branch calling your name from someone's yard, don't skip asking permission! It's the right thing to do. 

fruit-bearing tree in the soapberry family Sapindaceae, native or naturalized across the New World tropics including South and Central America, and parts of the Caribbean." source: Wikipedia

This one happened to be double seeded 

Which means double eating pleasure!
Apparently genipas are tres chic these days. Here is an article from Organic Facts about 10 Incredible Benefits, covering everything from bone strength to mood stabilizer. Who knew? Buen provecho!

If you happen to be in the NYC area, tomorrow night is a treat for Culebra minded folks. Ann will be performing! Here's the info. I don't like to steal artwork and not credit it, but hopefully the artist will know my intentions are honorable. First, it gives good information. And second, it's really brilliant art. Mea culpa, unknown artist! Break a leg, Ann!

Dummies & Co. ~ StoryFest Edition ~7/14 Friday, @ The PIT Loft w/  Powder JacobsBecca BeberaggiRob PentyAnn Ashton!!

Have a tidy up Thursday! Do something trimmingly.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Some of This and That

Waiting and watching for the full moon rise, the big event of last night, I'm plumb worn out. Anticipation can be energy sucking, I need to learn to pace myself. 

The sun finally made its way elsewhere

Colors deepened with oncoming darkness
And finally, peeking out like a little kid hoping you notice him but will think he's so cute you'll let him come out to play instead of being sent back to bed, she arrived.

Deep yellow orange like a wheel of the best and sharpest cheddar you've ever eaten, she rose up, slowly lighting the night sky. A hush except for small waves hitting the sand, even the birds had a reflective moment. 

Full moon nights. They're worth the wait.

Summer is the time to be outside and try something new. If you haven't checked out any of Suz's goodies from her finca over on the big island. You can get something to use for yourself or to give as a gift, just check out this list. From coffee to chutney, there is something here that will tickle your tastebuds.

Suzanne gives us weather updates almost 365 days a year, keeping our head in the game of what will happen next around here. Giving something back is a good thing.


Have a momentous Monday. Do something mmmm-mmm.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Full Moon Rising ~ July

I wanted to get a photo of the moon last night, because that most thin of slivers away from full is usually pretty wonderful, but the sky had different plans. Rainy plans. From the tickle of ghosty mist drops to torrents, there would be no moon show for me last night. The new camera is weather resistant, but testing it is not in my immediate plans if I can help it. I'm hoping we have clear skies tonight, this night of the full moon for July.

Below is something I wrote last year, about names of the July moon, edited somewhat, because whatever point I was making then isn't revealing itself today! I was in California, awaiting the birth of my latest grandchild, so who knows what I was thinking? Me? Non.

This Buck moon (for the velvet growing on the bucks' antlers), this (get it in the barn) Hay moon, this (lightning and) Thunder moon. 

Can you warm yourself with its Summer moon name? Can you measure the empty belly of a Hungry Ghost Moon? Have you tasted a Ripe Corn moon? Or sat in silence, watching the Crane moon mount the sky?

Have you claimed something magical with the Moon of Claiming or drunk your fill on the night of the Mead moon? Did you send your lover flowers on this Rose moon night? 

July full moon in Maine from years back
I am not in Maine, but the moon is still there.
Have a satiating Sunday. Do some skylarking!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Farewell to a Friend & More Culebra Photos

Friend to many, two and four legged on Culebra, Tuck Meacham passed away in Florida recently. Tuck's life could have made a blockbuster adventure movie, but he just wasn't that kind of guy. From travels hither and yon, getting airborne a variety of ways, to winter and water sports of all kinds, to cuddling creatures who found themselves lucky enough to end up near him, there really isn't any way to label him, no handy niche to fit him into. Gruff and sweet, tough and gentle, he was just Tuck, and our world will be a less interesting place without him in it. 

This family written obituary tells just some of the details. You might find out a few things you didn't know, or maybe be inspired to up your own life game. 

Thomas Owen Meacham Jr. born October 16, 1939 in Plainfield NJ, died June 25, 2017 at the age of 77 at Hospice House of Citrus County, Lecanto, Florida.  He was surrounded by his wife, Susan Ventura and siblings Margaret Meacham Smith and her husband Karl, Eugene Meacham, Sheila Meacham Dunn and Michael Meacham.  Dozens of nephews, nieces and cousins living across the United States and in Europe survive him as does Tom’s countless friends and partners.  Family members who predeceased Tom are his parents Thomas Owen and Margaret Rossi Meacham and brother Sean (Nip).  

Tuck, Tucker or Tom, all names by which he was known, was a communicant of the Catholic Church.  He grew up at Sycamore Farm in Shrewsbury, NJ.  He attended school in Red Bank, NJ; graduated Delbarton High School in Morristown, N.J. and after receiving his BS at Villanova University, worked for the specialist firm Walters Peck on the New York Stock Exchange.   He left Wall Street to follow his heart and entrepreneurial drive to develop property in the Caribbean, Virgin Islands and Central America that included Ship Wreck Landing, Coral Bay, St. John, USVI; Honeymoon Beach Restaurant and Bar, Water Island, USVI; Posada La Hamaca Guest House, Culebra, Puerto Rico; and an extensive land development in Costa Rica. 

Tom held a special love for animals and was instrumental in the creation of an animal rescue service in Culebra which saw hundreds of rescued dogs and cats into good responsible homes. 

The greatest thrill and joy throughout Tom’s life were the numerous aeronautic activities in which he engaged: Hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving and parachuting.  He attained expertise in the practice of his many passions that included fly-fishing, springboard diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and skiing. Tom traveled extensively throughout the United States that included a year long journey through Alaska and Canada.

Easily shortlisted for ‘The World’s Most Interesting Man’, Tom was kind and absurdly generous, bound only by his rules, funny and stern, fierce, loyal, and brave; like a lion or a knight.  Husband, brother, friend, benefactor, adventurer, storyteller, inventor, entrepreneur.  Family and friends valued his life and mourn the loss.  Service celebrating Tom’s life to be announced. 
Those wishing to honor Tom in a way that will continuously give, may choose one of the organizations that help so many:

Hospice of Citrus and Nature Coast,
PO Box 641270, Beverley Hills, FL 34464 (

Friends of Culebra Animals, Inc.,
P.O. Box 527, Culebra, PR 00775 (

We'll miss you, Tuck. And love you, Sue.


Most of these photos are pretty recent. A few are ones I just really like that I haven't seen for awhile. Maybe you will like them too.

So many of the flowering trees are going crazy with blooms this year. 

Every year, these yolas and their forms go deeper into the bush.
I don't know their story, but I'd like to know.

The mangoes are almost all gone around the island.
It was a bumper crop year.

Just a couple of birds having a sundowner chat

Full moon tomorrow night!

Another view of another view

I can get drunk on the colors of blossoms

Ornamental pineapple
 And now the oldies.

Sometimes I really regret that I forgot to be a geologist.
And sometimes, the mystery is the best part.

Can you count how many rocks of ages are in this photo?

Trying to catch a wave
What in the world is there that ultimately really matters? Our family and the friends who make up our family, the momentary beauty that surrounds us, caring about creatures great and small. Stripped away from our electronics, politics, titles or lack of same, we're all on this ride together for some pretty simple reasons. Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Have a see the sights Saturday. Do something a little smart ass. For Tuck.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Free Range Friday ~ More Photo Round Up

One of the things that's been an issue with my computer is photos. As most who read this know, I take a lot of them. I can't say how many times I've crashed various computers because of overload, even when I put them in the cloud, on flash drives, on cd's back in the older days, it seems there are always too many. So when I get my computer back from wherever happy place it goes for repair, there is always some photo disarray. Which, if I choose to let it, can be fun. 

Here's a little photo fun, old photos showing up from who knows where they were hiding...

This isn't 100% Culebra, but I think you'll guess pretty quickly where that line crosses.

Remember Jane's Hound Dog? Now happily living with
David and Debbie, with yearly visits back to Culebra

Oops. This is from the Flea Market in Florida.
They say mild porn can make a big boost in blog readership.

Also from Florida. An abandon coral rock home,
right up there as one of my favorite homes ever.

A flight heading home

Full moon at Zoni Beach

Capt. Pat and some Wise Guys

Why do iguanas with their tongues out crack me up?
Rhetorical question.

*sniff* old photo of the shack
Elijah's dog Nesta keeping Cwim on alert mode

Old friends

First time I ever liked broccoli! Well duh!

Dick just turned 90 on the 4th (at home in the States, this photo was awhile back)!
Happy birthday, Dick!!

Because it's beautiful

A cool water catchment system

John doing what John does (with friends)

A rainy day across from El Batey

View from a housesitting hill

Helena's sunlit hair

Mario's fine work at Melones

Some goods at Alicia's shop in town

I stopped this Mom and her daughter's and friends
because they looked so shiny happy. They were super nice too.

My 2nd oldest granddaughter Nesta

Rainbow surpise

Does this ever get old?

I like the old traps!

John doing his thing

My little boy

Don't stand under this tree on a windy day!

Just because they are beautiful


Chicken on the beach.
It's not just for picnics anymore.

Another Zoni beach full moon

Because bark is amazing

Because Gil is adorable

May this always be a traffic stopper on Culebra

Oh my!

Belly fulla Bella!

I've always liked this place. It was looking particularly good this day.

Bee happy!

Will ride for food

Because they can!

This also isn't Culebra, obviously, but I love it for its
Florida iconic-ness and the osprey nest. WITH THE OSPREY!

A bit more current.

Yes!!! There are anchovies at Heather's Pizza!
Thank you, Anita!

Every birthday I make a little cairn on a beach to remember those loved and gone,
but Nature made most of this one.
I'm pretty sure they are prehistoric sea elephant lion paws.

Is this really Judy and Rebecca's old place?
Yes it is! Welcome to the new Galleria.

It is Free Range Friday, after all.
We all know that yard with the most glorious mango trees!
Hell no, I didn't pick one off the tree, I was lucky enough to find two perfect ones
that just happened to roll my way...
Is this gorgeous or what? It was that delicious too.

Hope you had a little fun. I'm still putting things together but sharing them on the way makes it more enjoyable.

Have a go with the flow Friday. Do something fritteringly.