Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Little Culebra Catch Up, Hold the Mayo

With my computer finally back and some connection, it's a happy day here on Penelope. No, that's not the name of the houseboat, it just feels like it today. 

So maybe these random photos from over the last weeks will show up. There would be many more, but I'll be real lucky to get these actually posted before the day is done. 

Beside those first world trials and tribulations, summer is moving along at a pretty serene pace. Life is good in Fulladoza Bay.

50 minutes later - well, this might not happen...

Okay! Change of location and three days later, I'm going for it!!

The old alcadia still has the best view of any I've ever seen

Birthday peli

Most awesome rainbow(s) I've seen in awhile, out my back door

A misty St. Thomas

Green baby!

This is a kind of palm! I didn't know that.

Smells like honeysuckle

There is a home in town that draws banana quits.
It's a tiny magical spot and they love it! Year after year.
Crazy gorgeous sunset out my back door

This is Venus. Just in case you were wondering.

This is the moon. But I bet you knew that.

Am I having fun with my new camera? Oh yes indeed I am!

It's, as usual, difficult to predict what this latest invest will do, but best to have yourselves prepared for whatever comes along. Don't forget to get that stuff that can fly around someplace it won't fly!

Have a weatherly Wednesday. Do something waverly. 

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