Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Melones Afternoon

I took a walk to Melones yesterday afternoon, hoping for a colorful sunset. Instead, quite far above the horizon, the washed out yellow ball slid into a dense cloud bank with only a small whimper. Or maybe that was me. There were still visual pleasures to be had and I had them.

You can barely see them in the photo, but a nice young couple were out there in an inflatable of a kind I'd not seen before, at least in a personal size. While I wandered around, they came to shore. We had a little chat while he put the engine on a dolly, deflated the boat and then they drove away. A bit of work but more than enough fun to balance it out.

A little closer look

Mario's poor zinc boat planter needs some love
This shoreline always captivates me

Nice spot for a cool beer

We've had so much rain even the rocks are sprouting

Resting between swoops

Nope, not walking any farther today.
If you can guess who this is, you know your Culebra!
There was some good singing going on.
A little bit of wave action after the ferry had passed by

Good night, dear Sol. Turning in early is a good thing sometimes.
Have a satisfying Saturday. Do something simple. 


  1. I love Melones, especially for snorkeling!

    1. It's its own special place, for sure!