Thursday, July 6, 2017

Free Range Friday ~ More Photo Round Up

One of the things that's been an issue with my computer is photos. As most who read this know, I take a lot of them. I can't say how many times I've crashed various computers because of overload, even when I put them in the cloud, on flash drives, on cd's back in the older days, it seems there are always too many. So when I get my computer back from wherever happy place it goes for repair, there is always some photo disarray. Which, if I choose to let it, can be fun. 

Here's a little photo fun, old photos showing up from who knows where they were hiding...

This isn't 100% Culebra, but I think you'll guess pretty quickly where that line crosses.

Remember Jane's Hound Dog? Now happily living with
David and Debbie, with yearly visits back to Culebra

Oops. This is from the Flea Market in Florida.
They say mild porn can make a big boost in blog readership.

Also from Florida. An abandon coral rock home,
right up there as one of my favorite homes ever.

A flight heading home

Full moon at Zoni Beach

Capt. Pat and some Wise Guys

Why do iguanas with their tongues out crack me up?
Rhetorical question.

*sniff* old photo of the shack
Elijah's dog Nesta keeping Cwim on alert mode

Old friends

First time I ever liked broccoli! Well duh!

Dick just turned 90 on the 4th (at home in the States, this photo was awhile back)!
Happy birthday, Dick!!

Because it's beautiful

A cool water catchment system

John doing what John does (with friends)

A rainy day across from El Batey

View from a housesitting hill

Helena's sunlit hair

Mario's fine work at Melones

Some goods at Alicia's shop in town

I stopped this Mom and her daughter's and friends
because they looked so shiny happy. They were super nice too.

My 2nd oldest granddaughter Nesta

Rainbow surpise

Does this ever get old?

I like the old traps!

John doing his thing

My little boy

Don't stand under this tree on a windy day!

Just because they are beautiful


Chicken on the beach.
It's not just for picnics anymore.

Another Zoni beach full moon

Because bark is amazing

Because Gil is adorable

May this always be a traffic stopper on Culebra

Oh my!

Belly fulla Bella!

I've always liked this place. It was looking particularly good this day.

Bee happy!

Will ride for food

Because they can!

This also isn't Culebra, obviously, but I love it for its
Florida iconic-ness and the osprey nest. WITH THE OSPREY!

A bit more current.

Yes!!! There are anchovies at Heather's Pizza!
Thank you, Anita!

Every birthday I make a little cairn on a beach to remember those loved and gone,
but Nature made most of this one.
I'm pretty sure they are prehistoric sea elephant lion paws.

Is this really Judy and Rebecca's old place?
Yes it is! Welcome to the new Galleria.

It is Free Range Friday, after all.
We all know that yard with the most glorious mango trees!
Hell no, I didn't pick one off the tree, I was lucky enough to find two perfect ones
that just happened to roll my way...
Is this gorgeous or what? It was that delicious too.

Hope you had a little fun. I'm still putting things together but sharing them on the way makes it more enjoyable.

Have a go with the flow Friday. Do something fritteringly. 


  1. Your best photo blog ever!! I could comment on every photo, but won't, just a few. 1st, of course, is my heart and soul, HoundDog. He is healthy, happy and such a loving companion to Debbie and I. Thank you, Jane. I could use some of those padded butts on the mannikins, my ass fell off about 15 years ago. Dick is 90?? He is almost as old as his Model T's and A's, but still looks bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Cwim and shack, 'sniff' too, such a beautiful yard, BUT, I love your houseboat. :-)) Every photo a memory gem. Thank you, MJ.

    1. Aw, thanks, David! It's so wonderful to see HoundDog and so many others adopted by friends known and unknown in the States be so cherished in their new homes. No comment on the butts! Or your butt either! Dick is awesome, isn't he? Glad you enjoyed. Love you guys!