Sunday, July 9, 2017

Full Moon Rising ~ July

I wanted to get a photo of the moon last night, because that most thin of slivers away from full is usually pretty wonderful, but the sky had different plans. Rainy plans. From the tickle of ghosty mist drops to torrents, there would be no moon show for me last night. The new camera is weather resistant, but testing it is not in my immediate plans if I can help it. I'm hoping we have clear skies tonight, this night of the full moon for July.

Below is something I wrote last year, about names of the July moon, edited somewhat, because whatever point I was making then isn't revealing itself today! I was in California, awaiting the birth of my latest grandchild, so who knows what I was thinking? Me? Non.

This Buck moon (for the velvet growing on the bucks' antlers), this (get it in the barn) Hay moon, this (lightning and) Thunder moon. 

Can you warm yourself with its Summer moon name? Can you measure the empty belly of a Hungry Ghost Moon? Have you tasted a Ripe Corn moon? Or sat in silence, watching the Crane moon mount the sky?

Have you claimed something magical with the Moon of Claiming or drunk your fill on the night of the Mead moon? Did you send your lover flowers on this Rose moon night? 

July full moon in Maine from years back
I am not in Maine, but the moon is still there.
Have a satiating Sunday. Do some skylarking!

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