Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Perigee Wolf Moon

First, thanks to Zulayma for making a public note about watching the perigee Wolf Moon rise from Zoni.  It was a beautiful spot to watch an utterly stunning show from the universe straight to our shore door.

Out of the horizon haze she appeared full grown

How small is my boat (and island and world) 
while still being everything to me

Bounced sunset

Fuzzy, but I love this shot that somehow grabbed so much color

As the lights came on on St. Thomas...

Zoni was so crowded!
(The other four people were tucked into the tree line)

Mars doing her dance with the Moon

A awe filled reminder of our place in the world...I'm glad mine was filled with a few of the people I enjoy so much (so that I didn't have to howl out loud).

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Culebra Day and Night part lll (the end)

We started at Dinghy Dock

Kathy's son Keito and his girlfriend

Moon glory

Mike's beard in the wind

David, Susan and Mike

Kathy and Lisa with wind held hair

John and Doug

Laurie, Neil and John

My last EVER attempt at singing in public, I swear it

Don't ask don't tell

We made our way over to Susie's...

Linda, Ann and Judy

Ramon and Rosie

Carlos being really happy (which is why I took the photo)

Me and Gail

Son d' Culebra band (NOT Sons of Culebra, my oopsy!)

Dancing the night away

More dancing

and still more dancing...

Susie and her Diva glass, wrapping up another year of food, work and fun!

All in all, an excellent day on Culebra, and we got to see Federico (his European name) the flamingo too!!! What else could a day have?? To ask for more would be greedy in the extreme and no worries, because...we always have manana.

Culebra Big Day part ll (to be cont.)

Starting with the newest first...what a concept! This is some info for your evening viewing pleasure - I know it's late in the day, but...hey, it's Culebra, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

BIGGEST FULL MOON OF THE YEAR: If you think tonight's Moon looks unusually big, you're right. It's the biggest full Moon of 2010. Astronomers call it a "perigee Moon," some 14% wider and 30% brighter than lesser full Moons of the year. (click link above for more)

Image credit and copyright: Anthony Ayiomamitis: details.

Now, where were we? Oh! First, we had such a good time at the beach the other day; then Laurie and Phil and a lot of other people saw the not so regular event of pelicans diving practically on the shore at Flamenco that we decided to head there again yesterday. 

If you build it they will come...




There are many more, but if I don't post this NOW, some of you won't be checking the moon rise and it's a do not miss more later! And sorry, no food today, I'm eating photographs for dinner.

Holy Picture Taker!

Today's post is brought to you by the letter W, as is WAIT. Someone had way too much fun with my camera last night and I think there are a few HUNDRED photos, plus what I took and they are still uploading. I've got to get to more later!

Well, except for one thing. The next time someone tells you there's not a snowball's chance in hell of ___________ happening? You know what to think.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did you see Mars (you can look tonight too, you know!)?

Clouds filled the sky and by the time I was done at Susie's (late) there was not much to gaze at. I hope you had a better view. And speaking of...even though this blog is all about how I see the world I don't particularly like focusing on me, oxymoronly enough. But! A few people have been kind enough to act like it's not a surprise to see me suddenly pop up at Susie's, sweaty, my shirt soaked and slightly filthy, having a glass of wine (that would be called my 'shift drink'). I've mentioned that I'm working at Susie's but maybe that's not quite clear, or they don't read the blog or...*sob* I'm just such a non dresser-upper and/or going out at night-er that my disheveled appearance just All of that to say, three nights a week Susie and her brilliant crew put up with me in the kitchen doing the odd and sundry, to encourage the economy of Culebra (ie: mine) and oh, did I mention this blog is about ME? I'm so fortunate to have friends who think I might have something of value to add to their business, beside my own, so sweaty or not, there I am.

And, speaking of part marks the two year anniversary of Susie's Restaurant. Of COURSE there is going to be a party! And because I am not working tonight I get to be a party go-er. First, I'll be hitting Dinghy Dock where it's BYOB and the Thursday night fun time, with, hopefully, music (David and Grady). That's the earlier part of the evening. Then I/we (I figure I'll have run into some fellow wanderers by then) will head over to Susie's, where the Sons of Culebra will be playing, great food will be happening and dancing wouldn't surprise me (ok, my dancing might surprise a few but that's something else!)

Here are some early days photos...

Deep into the creation

Karen, painting

Mike, making everything work - again

Linda painting outside

The garage 

Ay yi yi are we ever going to finish?

The work crew rests
(click to see last year's party pics)

So come out and celebrate Year Two/Dos Ano with Susie! See you tonight.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mars Tonight and More Yesterday

From the Farmer's Almanac:

"In January, turn to the east to watch Mars rise at sunset above the horizon. The red planet is at its brightest this month.

On Wednesday, the 27th (tonight!), Mars makes its closest approach of the year.

Exactly two nights later, on the 29th, Mars is opposite the Sun—and will really light up in the night sky. Highest at midnight at magnitude –1.2, Mars outshines every star except blue Sirius."

Go out and enjoy the sky show tonight. Everybody's got one and it's free.
 A friend I used to call Opal Garry (yes, he sold opals - to jewelers and stores around the Caribbean, which is how I met him; he used to stay at a small hotel I managed on St. Croix) is married to this rather phenomenal woman named, ever so appropriately, Gracia. Over the years I get emails from Garry telling me about her work around the world, helping out in disasters in more ways than I knew there were ways to help. She humbles me, in the good way.
When I was looking for some ways to help out in Haiti, I was cyberly introduced to Santiago, (whom I've mentioned here - a lawyer in both Vieques and the big island), through a friend on Vieques, I had no idea he was a Scientologist, and barely remembered that Garry and Gracia are as well. But that commonality within a formalized framework that was already in motion allowed a powerful, wonderful connection to form for the benefit of Haiti and her people.
Here are a couple of photos of Santiago. Maybe you'll recognize one of your boxes of medical supplies in the back of the truck used to get to Mayaquez from Ceiba after Plan A morphed into Plan B/C/D...and in days instead of hours reached Haiti. Ultimately, I think it was a good thing as forces for good united for even more strength. You can read Santiago's story here. For more of Gracia's report and photos, go here.
In Puerto Rico, Volunteer Minister Santiago Lampon gets ready to drive 
a 100 by 30-foot tent and several thousand bottles of water to Haiti. 
The first leg: a boat ride from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic.

photo credit: Gracia Bennish

In the Dominican Republic Santiago has an accidental encounter
with South American superstar Ricky Martin and tells him why he is there.
photo credit: Gracia Bennish

Of course, this makes Garry and Gracia sound like 'very serious people.' I've never met Gracia face to face, but Garry, who is Australian, is funny as hell and makes a great drink - what was that drink we made up? - and I figure she must be just as much fun, if only in self defense. Plus, they have one of those marriages where he is her biggest fan, and I like that. Thanks again, all of you, from Culebra.
I had all sorts of plans for Tuesday. Chickens, garden, making hot sauce...that turned, instead, into a long good day with Laurie and Phil. Culebra is like that...a thing waits that can and what is better often takes its place.

We watched waves and plants along with crabs and chickens and ducks. We listened to crashing water, beating wings, laughter and quiet talk. We ate pinchos and ribs and drank pina coladas and blueberry freezes and soft drinks and some not so soft. We walked slowly and we stood quietly; quietly enough for barely visible crabs to run over feet, as lightly and softly as spiders spinning webs. We turned our strife into plowshares, and didn't let any beauty go unmarked and there was much beauty. We had a very fine day.




 (don't forget you can click on any photo to make it larger)

We ended the day at Mamacita's, telling story.
One day, today will be a story we tell...
while listening for whirr beating of wings on water