Thursday, January 29, 2009

Susie's Anniversary...mostly

The anniversary party at Susie's was fantastic. She's worked hard. The people who worked and work for her, work hard. Excellent food, great ambiance, a well deserved celebration. Most of the people I know here showed up and a lot of good food, good laughter, good times ensued. We started at Dinghy Dock and then moved down the road.

For some reason, all my DD pics had Laurie in them and she threatened me with death if I posted you are stuck with Kevin and Dick before we move on to Susie's. Pennies from heaven?

Oh, here's Laurie! And a few other celebrators (is that a word?)

Maria in red

The infamous pear in a bottle. This bottle was lusted after by Linda. It belong(ed)s to Jacinto. The deal is, the bottle is placed on a baby pear on the tree. The pear grows into the bottle. The, SUPPOSEDLY, great alcoholic spirits are infused. After 10 years, it's supposed to be a lovely exlixer of pearish infused delight. It...wasn't. But we nobly tried...and paid the price. Jacinto says, "Yes, it's strong." Me & a few others said, "Yes, it's gasoline." The pear tasted awful too. But damn, ain't it purty?

Three tries to get most of this crew to smile up.

So glad Carmen Rosa made it, not feeling all that well. Joe, well, what can I say about that Obama lovin' guy?

I'm pretending Alex was my date...Jasmine won't mind...she was on the main island

Does Jacinto have a cute butt or what? I mean, it's ridiculous. He wasn't even trying. But really, I took the picture because of the look on Francie's face tasting the pear...elixer. That would about sum it up.

I can't remember who was wearing these shoes so she better 'fess up because obviously we were all impressed (that she didn't break her neck walking in them).

I'm pretty sure I was hugging Jose as he was denying me calling him a serial criminal...but that may just be a whimsy of mine. Amazingly, he'll still buy me a drink any time and his wife thinks I'm fairly amusing. Go figure.

Wilma taking care of the sane side of the bar. Susie and crew made the most awesome (and free, double awesome) appetizers - hummus & pita points, chicken sate, and spring rolls...oh dear god, it was heaven on platters...yumolicious. Thanks, Susie!!!

Here is Susie and her crew in the ktichen. Karen isn't in there because she was busy taking care of everyone out in the dining room. Great team, great Susie.

Susie finally got out of the kitchen. Hooray!

Getting the anniversary tamborine

And finally getting to just kick back and enjoy her own party. Happy Anniversary, mi amiga! Mucho amor!


  1. ok, a few more pieces were filled in. it's good to know who I saw there. And I can't remember for sure, but I'm fairly sure I was a victim of the pear juice, which as soon as I saw the bottle, triggered taste memories of something resembling grain alcohol, and I'm sure my face looked like Francie's when I tasted it. Cool story of how it's made though!

    great pictures of a great night.

  2. Blame it on the bossa nova!

  3. Colette from NC2/1/09, 10:09 PM

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work