Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where was I?

Lots has happened in my time out of the cyber big thing is that I'm back in it, thanks to Lewis! Many thanks, in fact. While I'm still learning how to do some things in the upgrade (like make my photos look like they look...the new iphoto and I are not exactly happy together), it is fun to go zoomier faster and I don't hear my computer groaning at present. All good stuff!

In sort of the order of events, here are some things that were big and had me smiling while living only in the real world (as real as it gets for me, anyway).

Terry and his girl showed up, this day they went sailing with Walt.

Olivia decided to be the opening act for the ballet (which was incredible)
Helena and troupe were part of the ballet (very impressive for only 3 months of lessons)

The hummers are back in force, making me grin and the CWIM crazy(er)

This is how lizards make other lizards...they find a mini platform, hanging from fishing line, hanging off of a tree, next to a ceramic planter and then have lizard sex. Weird.

January 20th, 2009. The date so many of us had been waiting for finally arrived! Ann and crew brought down banners and flags to Dinghy Dock where the television had been set up. Judy was awesome as ever, taking care of a bunch of hooting, hollering and crying bartendees.

Harold, another long awaited sight, got to share the moment with us.

This could have been during Obama's speech...or it might have been seeing Cheney in a wheelchair, or maybe Bush getting out of town...

What's a screwed up oath of office between friends? Oh what a glorious moment anyway.

Someone thought it would be a fine moment to take a pic with me in it...I think we were all very close to or in tears as Obama actually became our 44th President.

So much for tears, it was time to party! Barry took us out to sea. We realized that we needed (absolutely needed) more libations and blessed Mamacita's with our decorous presence.

Zack set up a mini bar on the wall for us...Does life get better than this (or was he just afraid we'd actually come in?)?

During our outing, after solving most of the problems of the world, we tried to remember the names of the seven dwarves. Go ahead, I'll wait...dare you. Well, we couldn't do it, even though we finally (and quite brilliantly) wrote down the names we COULD remember so we wouldn't repeat them - too many times. The first question we asked Zack, who knows everything, was the names. His first name was the one we forgot. And no, I'm not telling you. You'll have to ask Zack.

Linda had given me a very cool sticker saying 'Yes we did!" which I wore on my shirt until Paul liberated it for Barry's looks better on the boat.

One event happened that has me very excited. I was in Genesis when this guy was walking out the door with chicken feed. I mentioned how much I'd like to have a chicken coop but (wah wah) couldn't build one myself. He stops and says, oh, you want a coop? I'll do that for you. And damned if he didn't show up a couple of days later to start building a wonderful coop out of recycled wood. It's almost exactly what I wanted and hopefully it will be finished today. VERY exciting!

Laurie finally came out to play last night. We hit pizza with Ann (and assorted others), Susie's, where we had some incredible tuna tartare. And maybe some wine...some more wine. Yep, I'm pretty sure that happened.

Then we moved on to Mamacita's, where Wiki and crew were making that crazy conga music that you have to dance to (if you can listen to that and not be moving your body...something is seriously wrong!) before the poor lame thing waved good bye to me, happily carrying on after I gave up trying. Last I heard she had tripped the light fantastic while staying on both feet, so I'm pretty sure that cane thing is just for show.

And now it's today, with a pale (but not as pale as this looks, grrrrrrr...I'll get there) sunrise to start the day on calm waters. I was going to just make all of this a slide show, but the new and improved iphoto won't let me do that...yet. If there is a way to backdoor it, I'll find it eventually!

To you kind folk who let me know the blog postings were missed when you can't be here, thanks! It's fun to find out there are people who are 'out there' sharing my world, beside my brother and a few friends!

And just so you know, I'm still not smoking. Day 25. I've probably pissed off a few people venting a bit of un-nicotined spleen, but for the most part, it's gone well. Breathing is not over far.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


  1. OK my dear. the game is on. i not only have pictures, i have movies. :) I did trip the light fantastic. however it's a different story this morning. but it sure felt good to laugh that deep belly laugh you only get with good friends, and to dance with some psycho landlord dude.

  2. Welcome back!!! I missed you and your musings. It killed me to see you beloved Mac spewed all over my table (and not because I wanted to eat at it). All's well that ends well! xoxo

  3. Hi MJ,

    I did miss all of your postings. Love the lizard picture especially! I always check this now and stormcarib to keep up!

    Thanks for sharing with all of us!


  4. Glad to have you back up to speed and online again. Special congrats on the non-smoking corner!

  5. As none less than Shakespeare said, thanks and thanks and thanks again (hey, really, look it up!). It's good to play again.

  6. Bravo! M.J. great great post! I felt like I was
    almost there, which of course is impossible,
    if you're everywhere. At least cyber-wise.