Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Treasures of the Day

What I didn't write about, and what I'm not going to elaborate on as I thought, was the whole idea that while being away from the computer (ok, it was away from me...picky picky), there was and is so much going on in my immediate world that I'd stopped paying close attention to, though I never ignore it.

I was in the yard more, walking more, just...out more. Even inside, I got more done; arranging and organizing, cooking and reading than when the little magic box has its pride of place.

So I'm posting now, since in an hour or so I'm heading out to Susie's to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her restaurant (named Susie's, if you haven't picked up on that yet). Free appetizers, 1/2 price drinks, and surely a lot of laughter and stories (if you are here and reading this before she closes, c'mon down!). If we still took photographs, I'm sure we'd drag out some of the construction / painting and cleaning shots. But I'm not toting along the computer to do the same, nor printing them up. It will have to be word of mouth and work of mind instead.And since the mouth and mind working simultaneously while imbibing at a celebration rarely flows easily, I imagine we'll just make some new memories.

This afternoon I spent away from the computer for the most part, out and about and in the yard. My little dock is no longer wobbly, the dinghy is bailed out, I read awhile, the plants at the children's garden are watered and propped up. There were treasures to be found. One of the best ones was when I was on the dock fixing something and heard a dog piteously whining. It sounded like it was coming from the water...and more specifically, from a small mangrove island. was from the island. And the dog was almost at the top of the mangroves! I ran to get the camera, but of course the dog was back in the water by then. Still whining.

Eventually, after 10 minutes of this, another dog drops out of the mangroves and together they swam away. Okay. Sure...that's normal, right?

No doubt there will be Susie photos...but that's for later on. For now, one last treasure of the day from down on my rocky little beach. Whatever this anchor once held in place is long gone, and I think the anchor would crumble if I touched I won't.

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