Monday, January 26, 2009

Fixin' things

The first thing that happened this morning...well, beside the CWIM waking me up - tap, tap, slight scratch on the head - sure I wanted to do nothing more in the pre-dawn than scratch her head and feed her (which beat yesterday, when she was sure all I wanted to do was applaud her for bringing a dead rat trophy in for my appreciation), and beside putting on the tea and starting to water the gardens...was the chicken coop guy scaring the crap out of me, showing up with a roll of wire in his hands and many reasons why the coop wasn't done on his lips.
I mean, seriously, the fact that the man has a job that he's been working 6 days a week until after dark does NOT really mean he couldn't find the time to finish my chicken coop! Ok, I'm kidding. He'll finish when he's done (if that was a good enough explanation for the Pope from Michealangelo, it's good enough for me).

In the meantime, my brother probably knows more about chickens than I do at this point, researching, as he always does, any venture I happen to wander into (anyone want to see the *book* he made me about Culebra?). So how about some muffin recipes, brother mine? The coffee/chocolate bars are selling well and the carrot muffins were given high praise as well as high sales. Tonight I'm onto zuchinni muffins; let's see how they fly. Most, though, I'm excited about making breads. But I haven't gotten there yet. Soon come and I'll bore you silly about it. In the meantime, if you have any awesome bread recipes (grains, seeds, sprouts) send them!

It was late this morning when I heard the first version of how my cart almost got wiped off the planet yesterday afternoon. Apparently a trailer in very bad shape was being moved. It was quite precarious and tilted fairly wildly as the corner was made, pulled by two bulldozers, buckets in the air, pushed, finagled and watched by raptly horrified viewers from Dinghy Dock, Mamacita's and surrounding homes. From what I gather, my cart looked to be a victim and pictures were being taken as well as testimonies in case I needed to apply to the city for a new place of business. After about the fifth person told me his or her version, I *almost* felt like I was there and was very glad I wasn't. I'd love to see pictures though. If anyone has some, please send them along. That 'I think I'm going to throw up' feeling won't be nearly as real, looking at it through someone else's viewfinder. Thanks to all who goodvibed disaster away!!! And yes, I really DO believe that sort of thing, especially here on Culebra.

Thanks to Laurie, I realized I was not in a fight to the finish with iphoto, but rather the settings of the computer since the upgrade. It has a fancy dancy setting that heretofore was something I couldn't even access, though I knew it was there (thanks to Lewis' first save). So it was a matter of being steered in the right direction, making the click and wa la...everything looks as it should! Computer life is good. Proof, an old photo I really like...yep, that's what it looked like right then.

Tonight at magic light time I went out to snap its goldeness and one pure white egret in the mangroves when this bird flew out of somewhere to make things interesting. You know how your car mirror says something about objects are closer than they appear? Well, this bird was mere feet away, close enough to hear the swoosh.

And a very nice swoosh it was.


  1. MJ - nice photos! And glad to hear the cart didn't get flattened! It was nice to meet you a few weeks ago (couple from Denver - we chatted about photography). We had such a great time on Culebra - we can't wait to go back. Here's some of my pics - if you're interested...


    Lon (and Wendy)

  2. Great photos yourself! I was looking at the thumbnail of the SJ gato and thought, oh dear god, he found a chubacabra! Alas, nothing as dramatic as that, but quite friendly looking!

    Glad you had a good time - it sounds like you've got our sand in your'll be back!