Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Huge News for Culebra!

Of course there are lots of behind the scenes details, but the upshot is, after years and years and YEARS (I wrote this post back in 2009 about our last march to the Muellecito) of working to take back from Victor Gonzolez what he stole from Culebra, the Muellecito is back in the hands of our island community, where it rightly belongs. 

Please come out on Sunday to celebrate. Make note: Do bring refreshments and do bring trash bags. It's time to bring back the best of Culebra in a fine fashion. 

Thank you beyond words to all who worked so very hard and so very long to make this day happen. 

From Sylvia (Big Momma) Nieves:

Together - We Won
The Muellecito is Ours!
Let's Celebrate at the Muellecito
Sunday February 28 a 11 AM
Bring some refreshments and a trash bag

El Muellecito es Nuestro 
Celebramos en El Muellecito 
Domingo 28 de febrero 
desde las 11 AM
Traer algunos refrescos y bolsas de basura

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Oh Deer!

A quickie post but I have to share this photo from Bill Kunke. While you might expect something like this from up in the higher latitudes, he managed to capture this really lovely image right here on Culebra. Well done, Bill!!

credit: William Kunke
Have a terrific Tuesday. Do something taking time.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Culebra Time

Time is flexible everywhere, but I live here, where the term 'Culebra time' can mean many things. Most of the time it means about what the word 'mañana' means - things happen when they happen (or, mañana does not mean tomorrow). 

For me it usually means the above but also that between long periods of not much going on suddenly a lot is going on. Of course, it doesn't take much for me to think a lot is going on...

Because my connection to the internet is irregular at best, here is a random round up of the last week or so. 

Lookin' out my front door
 Before David and Linda and Linda left for the north (where they will NOT be wearing shorts and tees), the lads got together for one more round of great music at Dinghy Dock. Such a treat!

David, Eddie and Doug giving us miles of smiles

I don't know exactly what Doug was using for strings
but it made a wonderful cello like sound (and yes, I plucked his strings)

Luckily Linda was still here for a really great time with old friends and good sounds

After Dinghy Dock, we hit Susie's and got to enjoy some time with the lady herself.
Along with great food, of course. Oh, and wine. Really, there was food on the way.
Since my outboard still isn't ready...*cough* I'm doing a good amount of walking. And most of the time, that's a good thing. But I'll still take a ride anytime!

I fell in love with this old Ford dump truck and I'm
glad I got the photo because it's not there anymore. 

Oh la bella luna! 

One of the official greeters at the airport

We know this mermaid...

And then there was the yearly auction for Friends of Culebra Animals. A huge success, due to the incredible people involved in every aspect. The volunteers who planned and worked for months, the people who donated excellent items, hotel stays, restaurant outings, massages, the people who bid so very generously, the food that was provided person by person. As always, John was the Auctioneer of the Year, keeping us laughing and bidding.

The table tenders. They sold tickets, they took money at the end of the auction,
they smiled a lot!

As usual, the donated food was spectacular,
served by yet more volunteers

Some of the things donated came from New York and other points north by friends of Culebra. Many were from right here. Thank you thank you thank you!!

These were silk, just gorgeous

John made two hours fly by; serious stamina dude!

Olivia was the youngest Vanna White this year and did a fine job

This crew kept track of every winning bid and plate number. Not easy.

It was a full house. Again.

Olivia really wanted Dad to buy this awesome surfboard chair.
But Pam and Chuck got it and are taking it to Hawaii. All in Culebra time.

Pedro donated 4 live lobsters. Because that's how we roll.
Al and Mary had a good dinner that night.

Good thing these are NOT New England lobster, Nadine!
I'm sure I've left out more fun, more beauty, more joy, but hey, it's Monday and you've got things to do (and so do I). 

Have a marvelously maximized Monday. Do something melodically. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oh the Places You'll Go!

I haven't really gone anywhere, but when a friend is in town for not long enough, it is like taking a island fast mini holiday in your own backyard. This is absolutely the time of year to do just that, as old friends are here for extended stays and the weather is glorious. All for making the heart light and happy. 

Though we usually DO sit under palm trees on the beach and drink rum all day, there is that occasional side of work to be done while having fun. In my case, it's trying to get all the bits and pieces that are involved in moving my houseboat to its eventual home, which for me means coordinating very good friends for the hard work. Moorings, solar, plumbing, outboard engine, dinghy...it's like putting together a kid's toy starting on late eve of the celebration day, 'so simple a child of five can do it!' and finding out you are not five anymore and where the hell did part B go?

The fun far outweighs the above. Lucky for me!

But first, my daughter Sarah is in New Orleans and lovingly torturing me.
This is from Felix's. They got crawdads too. Oh, mercy!

Old friends

I have no idea who these people are but they looked like they were
rowing in from St. Thomas

The moon has glorious and the planets still aligned
Celestial Chuck called us up to the top of the steps one night to watch the International Space Station do a fly by It reminded me of old days when he could empty out any bar on Culebra with his 1 minute warning, all of us eyes up in whatever direction we were supposed to look. This night was one of the brightest and longest any of us, including Chuck, had seen in a long time. These are the good old days.

He always has the best tee shirts!
I've finally moved on to the houseboat (Know Mas), ready or not. Soon it will be moved to its own mooring but for now there is all I need to consider it homey camping. I swear one day I want to run a store on Culebra where you can buy a pillow. Or two.

First morning view from my front door
Another day, another happy hour. How happy can one be? I don't know but finding out is a pretty good way to spend some time.

How lucky to see so many people in one photo that I dearly love!

And a rainbow to go with it!
Oh, and a landing craft too. 

Buck Mulligan. If you read James Joyce's Ulysses, you'll remember him.
If you didn't, here is one description.
I'd imagine the owner of this vessel to be a pretty interesting person.

Happy happy joy joy! 

Linda and I decided to eat at the Krusty Krab. 
I'd had lunch there (conch salad, excellent) but not dinner. We weren't the only ones who'd decided to do the same. This place is so Culebra that one of the dinner guests ended up waiting tables; the place was full. Wow! Hope she gets free dinners forever. 

I had the catch of the day and it was really delicious.
If I can't be picking blue crab, I can pick snapper!

Linda had the shrimp creole. Also really good,
with enough to fill her up and have lunch the next day
In the early morning light

When there is little to no wind, it's a mish mash out there!
Walking is always good except when it isn't, which just means wrapping my head around making it good. Plus, getting rides is a great way to catch up with people I don't see very often. Once the dinghy is operational (that means, once the engine is happy), it will be fine transportation, but in the meantime, there are sights to savor.

Can you say poignant?

It's that time of year again. This particular tree just gets crazy better every year

The orchid tree is blooming away

What you can do with all those wine bottles
 In the late afternoon I was reading when the world went glowy. 

This morning dawned bright and clear, clear enough to see El Yunque. 

Once again, we can almost see cars on Vieques

And from the top of a hill, it's just another gorgeous day in Paradox.
Remember to mix your work and play, it does a body good.

Have a putsomesalientinyour Saturday. Do something significantly sublime.