Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Huge News for Culebra!

Of course there are lots of behind the scenes details, but the upshot is, after years and years and YEARS (I wrote this post back in 2009 about our last march to the Muellecito) of working to take back from Victor Gonzolez what he stole from Culebra, the Muellecito is back in the hands of our island community, where it rightly belongs. 

Please come out on Sunday to celebrate. Make note: Do bring refreshments and do bring trash bags. It's time to bring back the best of Culebra in a fine fashion. 

Thank you beyond words to all who worked so very hard and so very long to make this day happen. 

From Sylvia (Big Momma) Nieves:

Together - We Won
The Muellecito is Ours!
Let's Celebrate at the Muellecito
Sunday February 28 a 11 AM
Bring some refreshments and a trash bag

El Muellecito es Nuestro 
Celebramos en El Muellecito 
Domingo 28 de febrero 
desde las 11 AM
Traer algunos refrescos y bolsas de basura


  1. congratulations! is this down that road that runs along side flamenco lagoon?

    1. Yes. The celebration will start near the shark pens though, so easier to park in regular parking and walk down.

  2. YippeeSkippee! Y'all done good. Congratulations to you and your peoples :)

    1. I'll spread the congrats! It's a real good thing.

  3. That's great news! So much hard work to make it happen. It's wonderful to hear it payed off.