Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ends and Odders (photo laden, fair warning)

Since I didn't ask anyone to marry me or go to the hop with me yesterday, the Leapiest of days, I'll have to wait four more years before I have that chance again. That's plenty of time to stalk check out potential askees. In the meantime, welcome to March!

From the official opening of the new Alcadia to the non-official (because official ain't official 'til the paperwork is signed and dry) opening of the Muellecito, it's been a busy time on Culebra. Of course there are other things going on, but my social calendar, which doesn't exist, can only hold on to so much at once.

There are really good things about rain. One, obviously, is rainbows.
They keep showing up, I'll keep sharing them.
I stumbled onto the ribbon cutting opening of the Alcadia quite by accident when my ride stopped there and it was obvious celebrations were afoot. Music playing, flags waving, people dressed in their finery. I, on the other hand, had on a raggy tee shirt and raggy shorts, since my intent was to pick up some plywood, not splash out with big deal doin's. But hey, clothes don't really make the man or woman and it looked like fun so I stayed. And ate. And enjoyed. Yes, I did.

There is no event on Culebra that doesn't include enough food to feed the island.

I never got any cake but I heard it was good.

The seviche was amazing, as were the meatballs and chicken.
Too bad my plate wasn't bigger; no room for the three kinds of salad.
Upstairs on the third floor are offices with serious views (lots of the offices and conference rooms have amazing views, but the third floor is special).

How long to get used to this view? Never?

Wiki gave me a tour of the second floor.
There are a lot of agencies tucked here and there

Need Carolyn? Here she is!
I finally got around to eating at Tiki's Grill, the black food cart on top of the hill before you get to the turn in the road out to Zoni. That was the best burger I've had since Digna used to make and cook them at El Batey. Ordering rare anywhere south of Miami can be a recipe for disappointment (ok, things have changed in 20 years, rare isn't as rare as it used to be) and I was NOT disappointed. The grilled onions were done, the meat was rare, the fixings of jalepenos and pepperjack cheese were on in plenty mode. Add perfect french fries and yes, I'll be checking them out again soon when my inner carnivore won't be ignored.

While the turn out for the opening that was a non opening of the muellecito wasn't large, it was powerful. Plus getting to meet a few new people who have been coming to Culebra a long time but I'd not met them before. They know me from the blog, so it was fun to meet and chat for real.

Dolly blowing the conch

More amazing food
Every so often I'm fortunate enough to be able to housesit for friends and their critters. Here on another hillside, the views are gorgeous as well as some really wonderful plantings spread here and there. Yesterday was one of those really rare rainy all day with BIG rains days, which just made the flowers look brighter.

I love these flowers. Even though they are very simple and stick to you.

New life
Below in a bay, pelicans were enjoying the buffet. I enjoyed them. It was a nice circle of pleasure. 

Rain doesn't bother peli's

A really nice outside shower. During the shower. 
Once the rain finally stopped, there were a LOT of water spouts trailing by in the sky. I'm glad I had such a good seat for this weather event. 

Remember, if you are in a place where you can vote? VOTE! or just be quiet. 

Have a tantalizing Tuesday. Do something thunderingly. 

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