Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fajardo Time

As much as we all prefer to avoid Fajardo time, it's a good thing that what we need from there is there and not here, so who can really complain? Much?

Mellow dogs of Fajardo
Yesterday was one of those days; a dental appointment calling and a friend along for the ride. I was happy to be the friend, though no doubt my dental time will come along eventually. 

Seeing the sunrise over Culebra is one big perk of heading east 
The passenger ferry had turned up and was scheduled to leave at 6. Since very few people knew it was there, they left at 6:16. I figure that meant that if people werent there for the 6:30 by 6:15, oh well. Luckily, we were a little early and all was well, a good omen for what turned out to be an easy peasy sail through the day. And we found a new bar (new to us) so how bad can life be?

Those winds we've felt over here did a real number on the malecon over there
There is a sort of weird phenomenon on the malecon of Fajardo. First, I noticed that I'd never really noticed the boat ramp. It's cabled off so isn't used, but it's still pretty obvious. I think the seaweed debris just brought it to my attention this time. Then I noticed the wheel chair ramps. But it wasn't really the wheel chair ramps I noticed, it was the dip in the edge of the wall on the water side, directly across from the wheel chair ramps from the street to the malecon. As in...a 'give a good push and keep on going' sort of look. First we thought it was an aberration but no, every single ramp had a corresponding dip. We had a few explanations but I'm pretty sure none of them were right. 

See that dip? On the street side is the blue painted ramp. Really.
If you go over and have some time to spare - we had plenty - check it out and see if you can figure out a good reason. I'd love to hear the real one. If there is one.

We'd bought a drink and were relaxing on a wide edged planter when these pigeons started to gather. And gather. And gather. 

Only on this part of the lines and these two homes in front of us.
It was weird. The dogs didn't scare them a bit and neither did we.

Domino dominion. Excellent paintings.

We decided there was time for one more beverage before ferry time and looked for something else new. One place we tried didn't serve any alcohol but they directed us 'behind that van and down the alley to the next street'. Yep, there it was. Only a few men, with a woman bar tending, who was probably also the owner of the bar. She poured a Culebra pour and made sure we were happy. We were. She also collected elephant statues and pictures. They were on shelves and walls, big ones, small ones, exotic ones like I'd never seen before. We complimented her on her fine collection. I need to learn how to say elephants in Spanish for next time...

Have a solemnly smiling Saturday. Do something seeing. 


  1. Always interesting things to see, MJ. Always interesting stories to tell :)

    1. Every wake up, there's a story out there somewhere!

  2. I love the birds on the wire!

  3. Aren't they crazy? We were back last Friday and they were there again.