Saturday, March 19, 2016

Daze for Daydreams

Every once in awhile, a moment happens and around here the first thought is, only on Culebra! Of course, I'm sure every place has those things happen but I'm not every place. 

Yesterday morning going to the ferry was one of those moments. 

It was pretty much dark when I came upon these cows loaded up and ready to be put on the ferry. Where were they going? To a big stud bull? To be made into dinner portions? Who knows? Not I. 

The tide was low and the ramp was steep. The cows went on truck first. They didn't raise a moo. I kept thinking of the Pony on My Boat song. If you aren't familiar with it, you should be. It's a wonderful song.

The weather was extraordinarily beautiful on the way over, shiny and bright. Even El Yunque was standing in cloudlessness, though I foolishly didn't get a photo of that while gawping about it.

We were trying to figure out what is on the top of the center house.
I still can't figure it out.
Errands took as long as errands take. For me it was a buying frenzy, little this and that's the houseboat calls for. I listen and obey. Until finally, like holding my breath under water just a few seconds too long, I burst to the surface, gulped some air and got the hell out of there. 

Ann said she wanted to sit by the window
since we couldn't sit outside (and why can't we? I don't know).
The bottom of the window came to just about the top of her head.
At one point I looked out and saw this flying by. 

Zaco's had the perfect follow up to a day of errands and purchases.

With no Pam's or Ann's list (someone help them!!) it was
pretty quiet at Zaco's. Which was pretty nice, sorry Moni!
It was fun to hear Eddie singing. He'll be back next year we hope!

It's sad that Gil is so shy. I think there is therapy for that.

Wiki joined in, as did Olivia. It t'were a beautiful thing.

Some days you can just wrap Culebra around yourself like a cozy blanket and be lulled to sleep. Like that.

Have a savory Saturday. Do something sublimely spunky!

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