Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Range Friday and a Spring Walk

Because it has felt like Saturday all week long (and according to a very unscientific poll, I'm not the only one feeling that way this Semana Santa week), I'm just going for Sunday early. And more wordily. What a surprise! Ok, it won't be like Sunday at all. 

This little girl's life joy was contagious
If you've moved more than a few times you know how old stuff turns up. One of the things that turned up was an old flash drive - which sounds ridiculous to write because how can something called a flash drive be old? A couple of photos caught my eye.

This is a laughing gull drunk on those little pearlescent berries.
Yes, he really was drunk. He fell out of the tree right after this photo.

Remember these two guys? Hey, Doogie!
Hey, Anthony (Croc, as many will remember him)
Every season there are a few places with changing decorations. This is one of them. 

A good spot for an Easter dinner?
Here's the free range foodie part!

Until I get the problem with my propane hook up figured out (yes, I've gotten a new fitting and a new regulator, now I'm thinking it might be the brand new tank hasn't been purged correctly) I've been using this one burner that my brother kindly sent to me (hooray for family who knows cooking food is important!! and tea! and coffee!). 

Lately we've had some really good avocados again. The ones that aren't watery or pre-bruised or just awful. The ones that taste buttery and make your mouth sing in a mellow tone. So I've been buying them a lot and using them in every way I can think of, this time a quesadilla. In went an egg (you can see it peeking out from under the pile of other ingredients), avocados, a little leftover pork, cheese and tomatoes, some shallots and then of course a tortilla on top. Warm it up until the bottom is browned, then use the flip plate method and do the other side. It was delicious!! 

It's curved because those tortillas were huge!

Lunch and dinner all on one plate
Don't forget D's Garden has veggies now! I'll be taking some photos this week. People are already discovering it so you want to get there early. She's now open 6 days a week, 9 - 4. She and her crew have done a beautiful job, get ready to be surprised in the good way! If you don't know how to get there...Head out of town in the Zoni direction. At  the top of the hill before Susie's (where Tiki Grill is located) turn right and go all the way to the end and around the corner. You can't miss her place. 

Have a fiercely favorable Friday. Do something fun. Frequently.


  1. hey, great sat/sunday picts. good food, yum. i noticed you have a single propane cartidge. those can run a tidy amount for buying new one. Im wondering if youre aware that you can buy online for cheap, a nozzle that goes on your standard propane tank that will refill those little green bottles of propane for way less than buying new ones. then you just unscrew the nozzle off your propane tank and Bam, your filled back up and back in biz.? Im guessing hardy culebrans are probably aware of this great gadget.

    1. That is super good info! This for me is hopefully just a stopgap until I get my old system back up and running (20 pound tank and the stove/oven in the photo connected properly once more). But thanks so much!! Hopefully it won't go on too long but if it does I'll be looking fo that adapter.