Thursday, March 24, 2016

Semana Santa Means Holy Week (or - When Locals Hide Week)

Semana Santa is that week of the year when Spring Break and Religion combine to make a bit of craziness. Crazy drivers, crazy beach go-ers, crazy in the stores, just a lot of crazy. So unless one MUST go to town the best thing is to park someplace like, ok, never mind, park in your secret parking spot and walk to your town errands. Stay out of your boats and off of the beaches and in just a short time, say, next week, things will return to whatever we call more like normal around here. 

Truthfully, things have been pretty quiet around where I am this year; a first and a fine thing. 

One great thing about Semana Santa is all the trucks and roadside stands for food!
This food truck is over here from Caguas for the week;
Carlos from El Panini says give it a try, it's good food!
Speaking of good food, here's an awesome BLT from Dinghy Dock

With a full moon this week, just to add some extra crazy and beauty, a lot of us have been looking skyward. Day or night, la bella luna is around.

I tried to get the moon and Jupiter together but just couldn't quite do it to my satisfaction. But check it out for yourselves, they are having some up close relations lately.

Some randomness...

I never get tired of the tarpon

I figure one of these days, this truck won't look like this and I'll be cursing myself
for not getting a photo. I'm already mad I didn't get one with Joe smiling while driving.
Which is almost like a DWS, Driving While Smiling, but different.

Paul and Red. And some other assorted flavors.
Remember Jane and her dog Hounddog? After Jane passed, David and Debbie, who had been fostering him, fell in love so completely they chose to make him part of their family. He (and they) have been back for their yearly visit. He looks soooo good! And so do David and Debbie. Our adopted satos are so very lucky!!

Visiting the houseboat and always welcome.
Even with Crazy Days, some things still get done around here (and a lot of things don't). Mike never takes a holiday that I know about; here he's working on a project for me that made my life a lot better. It's how we roll. Color me grateful. Again.

Have a tolerantly tranquil Thursday. Do something teachable (like, how to park, how to throw trash where it belongs, how to smile).


  1. *smiling*
    Stay as sane as possible--or as you are able :)

    1. Thanks for the qualifier; less pressure!