Monday, March 7, 2016

More of Mainly Monday This and That

It was a fine weekend here on the damp island of Culebra. The Munet family celebration (which means the Culebra family celebration) and the Sister's fundraising for the families flea market kept things in the Family Affair frame of mind, something we love and need here. All sorts of people came out in the night to smile and dance and drink and eat and sing/shout out. They came out again in the morning to pore over one man's trash becoming another man's treasure, all for the sake of love. Love of family, love of Culebra. 

These first three photos were taken by Mary Ann Lucking. She says they are good because of her new fancy schmancy phone. I say, good eye, MA!

Anita got out on the town with Harold. Oh Mama!

Some dancin' going on! Well done, chica!!

Away from the congas, it's time to dance that dance!
I actually TOOK my camera to the flea market but was immediately swept up into either oohing and aahing over the treasures of friends or searching for some of my own. Somehow, talking searching laughing made me forget all about taking photos until I was home again. Oops! But I can tell you it was a very good time. A great turn out, lots of delicious foods, bingo (on the way there a man yelled out, good luck at bingo! which I didn't play but I know others did). Thank you, all the usual suspects who volunteered their time and energy to once again make this a great event to benefit Culebra families. 

If you didn't make it this time, start planning on next time! And I'll tie a note around my neck reminding myself to stop having so much fun and take some photos.

In the meantime, here are a few  more from the Munet street party.

Looking so very good!

A captivating tattoo

Tuning up, tuned in.

Nice mosquito protection, George!

Look who showed up!

Thanks, Juanito, for making sure I had this on my calendar!

Smiles everywhere
How early morning on a cloudy, rainy Monday rolls. 

Rain? We're still going out!
Have a melodious Monday. Do something mentally, mightily, magically morphing to mirthful.

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