Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Papa, there's some Sky in my soup!

One of the very good things about being single is there is time to think a lot and not be interrupted. One of the not so good things is there is time to think a lot and not be interrupted. 

How that usually ends up is talking too much in real human company and not making a lot of sense because the stream of thought picks up from somewhere in the mind zone. Be glad; more than half of it goes to random cats, dogs and goats I see along the way. 

Housesitting hill ends today. I've gotten to know another great cat better than before. A cat who is pretty much dog like in sleeping habits, a head on my shoulder, a paw on my arm, but very much cat-like the rest of the time. With acres of outside places to scratch, including a very nice indoor scratching toy, it's much more fun to scratch screens and boxes and paper. Because cats need no reason. For anything. I understand and obey, while saving the important stuff.

Sometimes the best way to look at something is from the far side. 
Have a work on it Wednesday. Do something willingly.

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