Friday, February 28, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

I would have had a lot more to say today, but clouds (and islands) got in my way. 

That's not a bad thing.

Have a friend filled Friday. Do something fresh.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is This Almost Simple Wednesday?

No, it's busy Wednesday, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for a 'give a gift just because' mention. Suzanne from the Finca has some very unique, very local and very delicious (as well as good prices) items from the mountains of Puerto Rico. This is an evolving list, as once things are gone, they won't be back until next year.

If you are interested in any of the above - and you should be because her products are awesome - get in touch with Suzanne at fincadelseto You'll be glad you did, and so will someone not expecting a present.

Yesterday was the first day in quite awhile where the winds weren't howling.

Veggie Guy Tuesday
Have a work it Wednesday. Do something worthwhile.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday

There is something about this place - what could it be? Over the water, small and cabiny looking, in the sun. Maybe that's it. I only know I could move in. Wake up in the morning and fish awhile. Sling a hammock on the porch. Listen to fish jump and water lap the pilings. Go out for a ride in my dinghy (not shown, for some reason, nor the ladder to reach it).

photo credit - Annie Schlechter

I've tried to find out where this is (along with some interior shots) but couldn't track it down for sure. It might - and looking at the water, certainly could be - Bermuda. I did find the photographer though! You'll just have to use your imagination.

This morning's dawning
Below is a somewhat different facet to Tiny Home Tuesday, because to me there is an encompassing aspect to living small in this very short video. Not because everyone who embraces the idea of more is less needs to be moving toward total self sufficiency. Rather, I think it's about moving toward more 'do it yourself' in our lives, even if for you that means cooking mac and cheese from scratch instead of from the blue box, or your own cake instead of the red spoon box. Like that.

Anyway. I keep coming back to Henry Miller (what a perfect name for him!). At 12, he's well on his way to truly living in the world in a strong, good way. And he obviously has had some dedicated teachers. Well done!

Have a tiered Tuesday. Do something turquoise.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Funday ~ a Quiet Wahooooo oh!

Sunday morning yard walkabout.  There it was, the first blooming of the mango tree. Maybe this will be the year I eat a mango off of my own tree. There have been baby mangoes but never the whole juicy delicious deal. Ohm shakalaka.

In the yard, the plants look happy,  with the occasional quick deluges of rain we've had. Everything but the three foot high baby cashew tree that I'm pretty sure a horse smashed, breaking the tree and the pole I had next to it for support. It wasn't horse proof, unfortunately. Ah well, I can't stay mad at hungry, if clumsier than me, horses. Key word, stay.

Remember the banana pepper I brought home a couple of weeks ago? First pepper and another bloom. Oh yeah!

This plant is constantly making art.
I was sitting in the gazebo cat playing and looked up to see that the fishing pole I keep tucked into the framing had somehow let loose of its hook. I don't know the significance of a prayer flag being hooked, it wasn't early or late enough for my brain to be on a cosmic plane. So I just enjoyed it...and then unhooked and set it free again. Only good all day so I'm thinking, it's okay.

Also crossing my mind while I was sitting there. Sunday Fundays out at Dakity and missing them. Then I got word from a friend, she was feeling the same. Always on a quest to avoid the *B word, we went into action. In minutes it was load 'em up (boat stuff) and drag 'em out (the engine and oil and gas tanks and water and masks and was like taking a 2 year old to the beach). The engine started on the second pull after not being used since last August and we were away.

The sun shone. The wind blew. The water glittered. It was medicinal. It was therapy. It was Sunday Funday renewal.

The first thing to do was find the old ground tackle and there it was!

The water felt chilly at first - and then bliss

and so were the views

It's always easier, for me at least, to get out of this than to get back in. But the second attempt was a success. I wasn't going to spend the night on the reef. No complaints; a few months ago I couldn't have helped do anything on this trip, let alone get back in the dinghy. Two working arms are fun!

As we were getting ready to leave there must have been six or more sailboats heading for the bay. It looked like a regatta approaching. I've never seen that many sailboats coming in at once, silently sweet!

There was a research boat out there as well. I have no idea what they were doing, but they looked pretty busy, so I'll have to find out another way.

A day before, at extremely low tide. I never see this without thinking myself into a 3 inch high person with this my homeland. Not much in the way of grassy plains though. My 3 inch self doesn't care.
Have a no margins Monday. Do something messy.

*Boredom, not Bitch, a totally acceptable 5 minute pass time or state of being

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lola, Lucy and a Culebra Cast of Characters

I went to Dinghy Dock to meet up with the girls and Molly and David pretty early, because it appears Friday's at Dinghy Dock is a very popular place to be. Maybe it is every night, but Friday for sure will be full of lots of folks from lots of places. Completely unscripted. Well, except for the music, and even then, anything can and does happen. More on that below.

The cakes got made! One person unfamiliar with Culebra said this looked like a happy whale. I only cried a little bit, it does look like a happy whale.

The Culebra cake pan only holds so much - there was enough for another little cake too.

Here I was, hoping to make a big surprise, when the girls told me they knew a surprise was coming. Who outed me? MOM! "She showed us the blog." But they still didn't know what was coming (since I didn't either) and got to have their cake and eat it too.
With Mariel in the wilds of Colorado, Jef sat in with the Doug's. They played a lot of the same tunes we enjoy, with a different sort of energy, making good music while the decibel and energy level rose. Adroit servers ballet danced between and around patrons who managed to be just in the wrong place at the wrong time, often enough. Oh wait, that was me.

At least they are looking at a screen together. I have no idea who this boaty couple might be.
Background music turned to grabbing our attention music as Monika took the mic. I've never heard her sing and wow! I wish I knew the name of the tune she sang; what ever it was, she rocked it. I, and I think quite a few others, had no idea there was such a powerhouse voice behind that smile. Why I was surprised, I don't know. Monika has high flying energy in anything she does. But I was surprised, in the best way. Rock on, chica, we'll be calling your name!

Later, Molly took a turn behind the mic with a short and powerful version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We all know Molly can sing, and sing she did, taking one of my favorite songs in the world to a very good place. Thanks, Molly!

Food arrived and even with dessert first, it almost all disappeared. As people piled in and every table filled, Lucy asked me how they would ever manage to feed everyone. I told her they would work very hard and as fast as they could and everyone would eat. She was impressed. I wonder how many adults think about that.

There were a lot of balloons around with every child seeming to have one. Maybe it was because Mike was handing them out, it was his birthday, after all. I graciously taught Lucy (who taught Lola) how to make them squeak. I know Mom and Dad will always appreciate that. Next I'll get her some drums.

If you note a bit of 'I'm going to kill you' in Monika's smile, there's a reason for that. Mikey was feeling birthday frisky.
Lucy was winding down

Lola was making magic

And then it was time to go. No, Molly and Lola weren't in the same dress, but in a Mom daughter set that worked for both of them. Lola is getting so tall!

Garlic update: See, Nancy? I wasn't teasing! It's that elusive and magical Culebra rain.

Go garlic, go!
Have a (yard)sailing Saturday. Do something sensational.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Free Range Friday Almost ~ Culebra

Later today I am supposed to get together with a winter family that I love to see. Mom, Dad and the girls.

They've been coming down for years and the girls, Lucy and Lola, are the reason I invented the Treat of the Day back in Cart Time. I was going through some old posts about them to remember their favorites and have changed my mind about five times as to what I might make for them (it's a surprise, if you see them, don't tell!) and still haven't decided.

They have a lot of favorites.

I could have made them last night, but since everything for baking is at home and fresh is better I can't post photos yet of the process. I will. I promise. Ok, I shouldn't promise but I'm planning on'll just have to wait. Like they will. Whatever it is will be from scratch, first because it is better and second because muffins or brownies are very easy to make, no matter how many ingredients go in to making them.

Quick non-update: I was going to do a series of the orchid blooming but yesterday afternoon when I looked, it was GONE. Even the stem was gone. Apparently the iguanas got it. Ah well, temporary joys. Be here now. Good with the bad. Silver linings. Ommmm. !*&^%$ stomp foot repeat. Good thing I have such a sanguine personality. Good thing there were no iguanas in sight.

Have a flamboyant Friday. Do something fondly.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Culebra

Yesterday was a random slow roll filled with moments of yes!

The orchid from yesterday later in the afternoon. I haven't gotten home to see it yet but I'm guessing it could be full bloom now.

One of our favorite winter couples, Archie and Janet are back! Archie is 90 this year and still funny.


Small World Department: As we were talking, it came about that Archie and Janet are from the same part of the US that Steve hails from. They've been in his restaurant and had fun getting to know each other.

Heading back over the bridge. If I were industrious, I'd take a photo of this a day for a year, it's always beautiful and always different.
The moon was playing hide and seek last night

And we're back to today, with whatever it holds. Good morning (or afternoon or evening)!

This little fellow is barely an inch from wingtip to wingtip, defining lime green

Good morning! Good morning!
Have a welcome Wednesday! Do something weatherproof.