Saturday, February 1, 2014

Are You Ready for the Big Game?

Tomorrow's game has had the usual hype, including making commercial use of everything you could possibly want (and stuff you never thought of wanting) up to a new vehicle - so you can drive to your neighbor's who has the even bigger screen that was bought for the game - hey, they are on SALE just in time! fancy that) to party favors officially adorned with your favorite team.

So, which puppy are you rooting for? Because Puppy Bowl 10 is where all the action will be and I want you to be ready!

Bach, age 14 weeks
All of the puppies and kittens are looking for forever homes, just so you know. And if you don't want to go that far afield, you can get in touch with Animal Welfare of Culebra, where there are plenty of sweethearts who would love to be loved and give back much more than a couple of hours of cuteness. Don't forget the auction on the 15th!

Blue, Coco and Lulu are waiting!

 I was heading to the clinic for a two week awaited appointment with the Friday dentist when I looked down and saw this sign laying on the ground. Fresh herbs for Sale? Really? Who does that? It looked relatively new, it was a mystery. I took a photo and moved along. Mysteries have a funny way of being figured out pretty quickly or never on Culebra...

Remember when there was a house here? I always liked the benches, a resting place if you couldn't quite make it all the way, you could take a time out before trudging on.

My favorite cactus flowers, since I'm rarely out at midnight to see the once a year blooming ones.

View from the clinic. Being early has its benefits.

Being early can really have some benefits!
On the way home, I ran into Dick of Dick and Cathie. He asked if I wanted a ride and I accepted. In the window of the van was a little sign. Fresh Herbs for Sale. Yep. I told him about the sign I'd seen and he realized he'd lost one - we looked for it on the way home but with the winds honking all day yesterday it's probably on its way to Vieques by now.

It's Cathie who has those fresh herbs for sale! He was also carrying around some of her other plants, one of which was a nice starter banana pepper plant that I bought on the spot. So if you want to check out Cathie's great selection of plants (or rent a VW Thing), give them a call. Mystery solved.

Don Jose Perez's boats - one of the hearts of Culebra
Have a saturated with small satisfactions Saturday. Do something splendid.

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