Friday, February 21, 2014

Free Range Friday Almost ~ Culebra

Later today I am supposed to get together with a winter family that I love to see. Mom, Dad and the girls.

They've been coming down for years and the girls, Lucy and Lola, are the reason I invented the Treat of the Day back in Cart Time. I was going through some old posts about them to remember their favorites and have changed my mind about five times as to what I might make for them (it's a surprise, if you see them, don't tell!) and still haven't decided.

They have a lot of favorites.

I could have made them last night, but since everything for baking is at home and fresh is better I can't post photos yet of the process. I will. I promise. Ok, I shouldn't promise but I'm planning on'll just have to wait. Like they will. Whatever it is will be from scratch, first because it is better and second because muffins or brownies are very easy to make, no matter how many ingredients go in to making them.

Quick non-update: I was going to do a series of the orchid blooming but yesterday afternoon when I looked, it was GONE. Even the stem was gone. Apparently the iguanas got it. Ah well, temporary joys. Be here now. Good with the bad. Silver linings. Ommmm. !*&^%$ stomp foot repeat. Good thing I have such a sanguine personality. Good thing there were no iguanas in sight.

Have a flamboyant Friday. Do something fondly.

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