Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Here and There

I wanted to post some cabin photos I really like a lot from photographer Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray. But I haven't gotten a response from her, so instead I'll just direct you to her page. Take your time and note your first impressions as you look at the first one and carry on from there. I consider myself pretty broadminded about cabin expectations and got a pleasant surprise, both in realizing I've got a ways to go in my awareness and just the fun of surprise. See what you think. 

This morning's dawning

In looking at other collected bits of here and there, I came across many wonderful photos included in this interview with Mark Firth. He's a farmer and he creates restaurants, farm to table restaurants. I'd read his story before I saw the photos and the photos are even more compelling. Do take a look, por favor.

There is not much tiny about his/their place, but somehow, it isn't about the size, it is about the...wabi sabi of it, to use an ancient and now overused and overplayed descriptive word (I love this article by Tim Wong and Akiko Hirano on the meaning of wabi sabi. They say "Wabi sabi is not a style defined by superficial appearance. It is an aesthetic ideal, a quiet and sensitive state of mind, attainable by learning to see the invisible, paring away what is unnecessary, and knowing where to stop.") How's that for un-so-much.

Mark Firth isn't obviously un-much. He's visibly successful, on many fronts, and I admit a fine healthy dose of right minded envy of what I see in these photos and what I read that he and his family are doing. I love the unpristine controlled chaos I see in almost every shot, natural and human-made. It all sounds right. And that, to me, is the essence of the whole tiny house movement; creating right balance in the world and having an affect - a true affect - leading to a better effect in the world, the small world of one's family to the neighborhood to the...you know where I'm going with this if you've gotten this far. Like that.

Clouds and sun are playing a lot these days
Ah well. I went back to Flinder ZG's page and find no copyright warnings anywhere, so I'm tossing care to the winds and posting at least ONE of those cabins, or I might go on all morning long and you'll have to toss this with your cold coffee grounds, having forgotten why I asked you to go slow. Take your time here. Click them up to a bigger size. There's a story.

 All cabin photos by Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray

Of course, maybe you won't see it or hear the story like I do - and according to some friends of mine and possibly my brother, that's not a bad thing.

Tuesday morning magic
Have a tensionless Tuesday. Do something tonal (and listen).


  1. I loved the first cabin. While it looked rickety, I knew it couldn't be! I wanted to stay in it for the summer :) Love the open ceiling and that bed just looks inviting.

    1. I thought it was just a storage shed at first, kind of falling down and then I started looking closer and then...the inside!

  2. Sweet 'cabins' (I'd call them 'meditative spaces') and gratifying links to other sites - except perusing the links (and a few of their links) chewed up a couple of hours this morning. Fortunately, I have them to be chewed upon. Thanks!

    1. I can't apologize for anyone getting lost in link world! Yes, it was hard to get a whole cabin feel, but they might be bigger than they seemed, or more complete at least! I just thought they felt really good.