Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ From Florida

I didn't really cook much this week, or it didn't seem very interesting when I did. Maybe it was but it pales in comparison to photos my brother made sure I saw of a meal he and a buddy made the other night. Sort of a brotherly love torture thing. All the food photos were taken by Robert Bowman - I stole them. It's the least I could do.

Stone crab claws and my happy brother Jonny

With corn on the cob, Robert says no GMO's were used here. He hopes.

And hash browns

Yes yes, I get the picture. You owe me so bad, Jonny!

Jonny told me he felt like a tick after this meal. A full tick. Good.

Prepping the strawberries for the strawberry shortcake dessert. I want to go to Robert's for dinner. Right now.

I haven't seen, let alone eaten, stone crab claws for many, many years. When we lived near the beach growing up in Florida, Jonny would catch them, take one claw and toss them back in, which is the sustainable way to do it. My Dad was a good teacher and cool about food before the word foodie was ever invented. He was cool about a lot of things in the natural world. Thanks, Dad! You can read all about harvesting stone crabs here. In the article it mentions that recreational crabbing is done with snorkels or scuba, but we just caught them in the surf, no equipment except quick hands and a bucket.

What else is going on? This rooster has a flock of hens he keeps in line across the street on Housesitting Hill. I can see why, he's gorgeous!

Across the road from Seabourne - on the water side - we saw this duck. His feet have serious claws, including a spur on the back. You can't see it here but on his head, that dark line is a crest of short feathers. He only put it up a couple of times and it was quite impressive. I couldn't decide if he was beautiful or ugly, but he was all about friendly. I think he's been fed by humans and we were empty handed. Sorry, Duck!

The moon last night. I don't know how it could be more full, but tonight it will be official so don't forget to look up!

Happy Valentine's Day to all who live in my heart!

"All my friends and lovers, what if we're a 1000 miles apart?
There's no distance in the heart, it's got you covered."
from an old Cowboy tune

Have a fearless Friday! Do something faithfully.


  1. He's not even my brother, and that was cruel to me! I WANT STONE CRABS!

    1. All you have to do is drive south a little way! I'd have to swim!