Monday, February 10, 2014

The Legend Continues ~ Cucuito!

There was a wonderful gathering at the plaza Saturday, honoring the King of Culebra Steel Pan, Cucuito (Victor Felix Munet). El Legado Continua - The Legend Continues . It reminded me of New Year's Eves when I first moved here - local and family. His influence on Culebra will last forever and it was heart filling to celebrate him with those who knew him best.

photo shared with me by William Kunke

Glenn & Maria - it was also their anniversary. Maria also just had a birthday. There must be something in the Culebra air, she's looking awesome at 74! "There will never be another Cucuito, or times like we had back then," she told me. I can only agree...I wasn't around in the old days, but the heart of Culebra is still beating strong, if you know where to find it.

Videos of music and Cucuito with his students played before the band took over

Richard painted a wonderful backdrop for the stage. If you haven't seen it, get down to the ferry dock, it's wonderful!


Colorful Calixto

And then the stilt dancers came in!

Limbo lower now!

Tomas and Nancy

Lots of trust love going on here

Okay, Mama, back in your arms again
 There are many times I fall in love with Culebra again. This was one of them. Thank you, Cucuito, for all you gave and all you keep on giving. Steel pan on!

Have a make meaningful memories Monday. Do something manually manifesting.

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