Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lola, Lucy and a Culebra Cast of Characters

I went to Dinghy Dock to meet up with the girls and Molly and David pretty early, because it appears Friday's at Dinghy Dock is a very popular place to be. Maybe it is every night, but Friday for sure will be full of lots of folks from lots of places. Completely unscripted. Well, except for the music, and even then, anything can and does happen. More on that below.

The cakes got made! One person unfamiliar with Culebra said this looked like a happy whale. I only cried a little bit, it does look like a happy whale.

The Culebra cake pan only holds so much - there was enough for another little cake too.

Here I was, hoping to make a big surprise, when the girls told me they knew a surprise was coming. Who outed me? MOM! "She showed us the blog." But they still didn't know what was coming (since I didn't either) and got to have their cake and eat it too.
With Mariel in the wilds of Colorado, Jef sat in with the Doug's. They played a lot of the same tunes we enjoy, with a different sort of energy, making good music while the decibel and energy level rose. Adroit servers ballet danced between and around patrons who managed to be just in the wrong place at the wrong time, often enough. Oh wait, that was me.

At least they are looking at a screen together. I have no idea who this boaty couple might be.
Background music turned to grabbing our attention music as Monika took the mic. I've never heard her sing and wow! I wish I knew the name of the tune she sang; what ever it was, she rocked it. I, and I think quite a few others, had no idea there was such a powerhouse voice behind that smile. Why I was surprised, I don't know. Monika has high flying energy in anything she does. But I was surprised, in the best way. Rock on, chica, we'll be calling your name!

Later, Molly took a turn behind the mic with a short and powerful version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We all know Molly can sing, and sing she did, taking one of my favorite songs in the world to a very good place. Thanks, Molly!

Food arrived and even with dessert first, it almost all disappeared. As people piled in and every table filled, Lucy asked me how they would ever manage to feed everyone. I told her they would work very hard and as fast as they could and everyone would eat. She was impressed. I wonder how many adults think about that.

There were a lot of balloons around with every child seeming to have one. Maybe it was because Mike was handing them out, it was his birthday, after all. I graciously taught Lucy (who taught Lola) how to make them squeak. I know Mom and Dad will always appreciate that. Next I'll get her some drums.

If you note a bit of 'I'm going to kill you' in Monika's smile, there's a reason for that. Mikey was feeling birthday frisky.
Lucy was winding down

Lola was making magic

And then it was time to go. No, Molly and Lola weren't in the same dress, but in a Mom daughter set that worked for both of them. Lola is getting so tall!

Garlic update: See, Nancy? I wasn't teasing! It's that elusive and magical Culebra rain.

Go garlic, go!
Have a (yard)sailing Saturday. Do something sensational.

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