Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Culebra Round 'em Up

I couldn't call it Saturday Round Up because Round Up (the weed control product) is very, very, very bad and you should never ever use it. Just in case I've never mentioned that before.

It's been a busy week for me here, which is really wonderful. I don't have a bionic arm but I have one that doesn't hurt anymore and getting to do some work and play in the dirt has been uber exciting. It's amazing what we can get used to and then how big it is when gone. I'm so grateful to have been directed to an excellent doctor (thank you, Dr. Badillo!), so grateful to have two arms to use, so grateful what was wrong could be made right. I love my scar!

Rainbows were the theme the other day, glorious! There is just something so joyous about a rainbow, and if they truly are an omen of good upcoming, we're in for lots.

Even with the occasional showers and blustery winds, the weather has been winter fantastic, especially compared with those on the mainland US, where winter has struck over and over again with white fury. Power outages, snow days, collapsing roofs and general craziness weather related are situations of grimness far from our shores. Fingers crossed that winter will soon release the northern climes and bring in a beautiful spring. In the meantime, c'mon down, the water is beautiful. Chilly to me, but beautiful.

Yesterday I was heading home when three horses came out of somewhere to cross the road. They were coming down to the water and I didn't even have to make them drink. I tried to take a small video, because they kept pawing at the water, making splashes over and over again but it didn't quite work out. I'm not sure what they were doing, but it was entertaining to watch.

I was also being watched.
Splish splash

I haven't been to Dinghy Dock for a Friday afternoon in quite awhile. It is winter now and the wonderful usual suspects are back (not all of them, we're missing a few who didn't make it this year due to taking care of business back home - you know who you are and you are missed!). Two Doug's and a Mariel were playing, lots of smiling faces, life is good.

I hope when I'm in my 70's I'm still kicking up my heels like this great cruiser couple.

As good as ever. Don't forget to tip your music makers!

Olivia wasn't about to turn loose of Coral and I think this is the ONLY photo where Coral wasn't grinning, but it included Olivia's very cool boots. I never got a pair of these and I was totally jealous.

Great to see Dick and Joyce! Mr. Tropical.

Dinghy fever.
And that's about all I know about that! Tonight there is going to be a wonderful gathering at the plaza honoring one of our locals. Music and fun, because if you want a good party, Culebrense know how to make that happen. Anywhere, anytime, but this time will be tonight. Take a nap, because starting late is pretty well guaranteed. It will be well worth it.

Have a soul saturated Saturday. Do something simply special.

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