Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oh St. Valentine, I Could Pinch Your Cheek!

I missed seeing our Valentine girl out on the street this year but everything else that rolled up on the shore of the day and night kept me, and quite a few others, grinning big if not laughing out loud (that's LOL for you youngin's - yes, people really do that! Face to face! It's beautiful). Another fine Culebra example of taking what could be a grand example of commercialism at its best - which is its worst - and having it be instead truly about the high spirits of love. Between spouses, between friends, Love was shining.

Plus, bless the bartenders and servers. They never stopped from late afternoon until I'm sure long after I departed. And no doubt it was like all that around the island (and every other public establishment anywhere). Treat your servers well, they help your good time be a better time! St. Valentine was all about serving for love - beaten and beheaded, buried in secret, dug up again... I'm not sure what any of that has to do with lace and chocolates but I do know we can try to wrap more of our days in caring and giving, on many levels. Roll on, love!

I missed you out and about this year!! But I can play with time and here you are!

What does a bucket of fish parts have to do with love? Have you got awhile?

Fisher and Olivia are happy to feed the tarpon. Of course they are using forks. Who wouldn't?

My heart soars like an eagle to see our girly girl doing what Culebra girls do...everything. Including having big fun with fish guts.
So good to see Lynn and Aaron! Knowing so many couples who are happy, really happy, after 40 or 50 years together (forty years in this case, they married when Lynn was 2 years old - it's a Maine thing) fills me up with a warm joy.

Two couples in one!

Thanks for the dance, McKee! I love you two.

Go Brenna!
Full house
Of course, while all of this cavorting was going on, another seasonal event was occurring. The edge of the deck dock was loaded with people taking photos of a really spectacular moonrise. One friend who had just come from Flamenco Beach said everyone there was mesmerized and I can only imagine - as beautiful as it was from Dinghy Dock, the beauty of this at the beach would just be intensified. I'm happy I was right where I was though, because of learning long ago that despite ardent longings, being two or more places at once is beyond my ability. So far.

First glimpse (I missed the start, no doubt quietly sitting in a corner somewhere)

Oh Moon!
On the way home (luckily for me, I had a ride right up to Housesitting Hill), we stopped at Susie's. The tables were filled up but Susie and Jacinto have made a little outdoor area that feels like your living room. If your living room ever feels like a theater where you are watching a play on a stage about a restaurant full of happy people. We talked about how fortunate we are to be in this Paradox of a place, full of people we love, full of funny or maddening moments that always come around to grateful.

Life is good. Have I mentioned that?

(So, do y'all think this is spam? It sort of seems spammy. But I mean, heck, if I have a secret admirer...ok, it's a little creepy really. I'm almost 60 for god's sake, speak up before it's too late!)

Hello MJ,

I just sent you a Valentine's card.

Just follow this link: (blocked URL because I'm afraid to click on it and don't want you to either) to see it.

With much love from,

Your Secret Admirer)

Don't forget! The AWC auction is TODAY! See you there! If you can't be there, you can always donate anyway. But I am sorry you'll miss the fun, food and music and chances to buy some great items.

Have a slightly silly Saturday. Do something situational.