Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rainbow High on Culebra

Yesterday was pure magic around here and I'm so happy I was out and about to enjoy it. I picked up a friend from the airport yesterday. He was telling me about the rainbow he flew through, always a  cool thing. I took him to Flamenco on the nickel tour and there was a huge double rainbow. I mean, a blasting rainbow, where you could have touched it, danced in the colors.

It started to lightly rain and I really couldn't see the screen, while at the same time my camera started acting wonky. So I clicked away but had no clue what I was actually taking photos of at the moment.

This was much more intense than the photo shows, plus it was a full arcing rainbow. And a double. Amazing gazing!

We then headed out to Zoni. Along the way was another (or was it the same one?) rainbow, gaspingly beautiful. Stop the vehicle beautiful. I want to follow you beautiful. At Zoni, more colors. I didn't even try to take photos, this was stunning my brain too much.

We weren't alone in noticing them. Friends from here on facebook got some wonderous photos of them as well. I've stolen them to share here. The following are all the work of Matty K. He always gets fantastic shots of our beauty here and this time was no different. I think he chased rainbows yesterday, a fine pursuit.

On the way to Dinghy Dock we ran into Doug of 2 Dougs and a Mariel. He said that one of them ended right where he was standing at the sail loft, with each color separately electrified. As you can see above, that is totally believable.

by Monika G. from her deck.
Nancy W. Got a great shot of this double. 

My favorite of all is this one of Eric, Maria and their rainbow rivaling bambino (bambina?), out on the water for a birthday celebration. I don't know who took the photo, sorry!

A birthday gift from the universe! Happy birthday, chica!
My friend flew out this morning and texted me that on the way to Vieques, yet another rainbow was out there. Some good omen stuff going on - if you bring rainbows like that, Senor Amiable Consort, c'mon back anytime!

Have a thankful for teeming timelessness Thursday. Do something (en)thralling.


  1. Replies
    1. I used that word a lot yesterday!

  2. The double rainbow was so impressive I stopped the car at the end of the airport and just looked
    at it with a smile on my face for a long time! MUST be a good omen for us!!

    1. I can imagine that rainbow smile! We've certainly been smiled upon with that day.