Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday

There is something about this place - what could it be? Over the water, small and cabiny looking, in the sun. Maybe that's it. I only know I could move in. Wake up in the morning and fish awhile. Sling a hammock on the porch. Listen to fish jump and water lap the pilings. Go out for a ride in my dinghy (not shown, for some reason, nor the ladder to reach it).

photo credit - Annie Schlechter

I've tried to find out where this is (along with some interior shots) but couldn't track it down for sure. It might - and looking at the water, certainly could be - Bermuda. I did find the photographer though! You'll just have to use your imagination.

This morning's dawning
Below is a somewhat different facet to Tiny Home Tuesday, because to me there is an encompassing aspect to living small in this very short video. Not because everyone who embraces the idea of more is less needs to be moving toward total self sufficiency. Rather, I think it's about moving toward more 'do it yourself' in our lives, even if for you that means cooking mac and cheese from scratch instead of from the blue box, or your own cake instead of the red spoon box. Like that.

Anyway. I keep coming back to Henry Miller (what a perfect name for him!). At 12, he's well on his way to truly living in the world in a strong, good way. And he obviously has had some dedicated teachers. Well done!

Have a tiered Tuesday. Do something turquoise.


  1. Henry Miller..loved it! Love to see what he's doing in ten years.

    1. Exactly. I hope he'll wait for me.