Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Culebra

Yesterday was a random slow roll filled with moments of yes!

The orchid from yesterday later in the afternoon. I haven't gotten home to see it yet but I'm guessing it could be full bloom now.

One of our favorite winter couples, Archie and Janet are back! Archie is 90 this year and still funny.


Small World Department: As we were talking, it came about that Archie and Janet are from the same part of the US that Steve hails from. They've been in his restaurant and had fun getting to know each other.

Heading back over the bridge. If I were industrious, I'd take a photo of this a day for a year, it's always beautiful and always different.
The moon was playing hide and seek last night

And we're back to today, with whatever it holds. Good morning (or afternoon or evening)!

This little fellow is barely an inch from wingtip to wingtip, defining lime green

Good morning! Good morning!
Have a welcome Wednesday! Do something weatherproof.

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