Friday, February 7, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ One Dish, One Fish, Two Dish an Omelette

The other day I got a couple of pieces of dorado at Milka's. I don't know their provenance, just that I didn't catch them. But I sure did eat them!

MJ's sort of fish taco

The one thing I forgot to take a photo of was the fish on the grill. Oops! Cooking fish is a sort of zen thing for me, plus a little poking gently. I cooked these over medium high fire  (after brushing the grill with olive oil to prevent sticking) for about 4 minutes a side. They were about an inch thick and that timing worked perfectly.

Warm up a tortilla. You can do this in a pan or directly on a heat source. This one was obviously done on an electric stove top. Not ideal.

The fillet was so thick I sliced it in half for this.

Oops! I forgot to put the lettuce on the bottom. Romaine in this case and some tomatoes along the top. I use these cherry tomatoes because I can't find a big tomato I'd put on anything but a compost pile.

Slice some cheese very thinly. This is a really sharp cheddar I found on the big island. And shallots. I found these at the veggie guy's.

You can put some salsa or hot sauce on this. Or soy sauce. Or balsamic (very sparingly). Or whatever sounds good to you. eat it. It's good!
Oh. You don't like fish. Ok, what about an omelette? You still get to fold it. You still get to add some of the same things. Another easy peasy lunch. Or brunch. Or breakfast. When are you hungry?

Shallots and garlic in olive oil

When the shallots and garlic are slightly soft and a little browned, toss in some sliced tomatoes.

Get the cheese sliced. This would be good with so many kinds of cheese...havarti to bleu.

Hooray, the chickens are starting to lay some eggs. Pretty shades of browns.

Two egg omelette. Whip those babies up to frothy.

Pour the egg over the tomatoes, shallots and garlic and cook on a medium low heat until it starts to set. I'm a pusher, pushing along the edges and letting the uncooked egg run onto the pan. This isn't great omelette technique and I can be fancier but...why?

Lay the cheese slices on one side and let them get a little melty (cook tech talk)

Flip the one half over the cheese half.

Add hot sauce.

Buen provecho! 

And there you go. Two simple meals. I left out the tofu lunch. If you love tofu, you know how to cook it and if you don't, I probably won't convince you. That doesn't mean I won't try anyway, but not today.

Don't forget, tomorrow is going to be a way big fun night in the plaza. Very local, very good. Be there!

Have a free your freshness Friday. Dance the frittata.


  1. Looks yummy! Love dorado, that's at the top of our Culebra menu. Glad to hear about the chicken eggs. Too early to put my order in? 26 days. I got something I'll trade for eggs, you'll like :-)

    1. Not too early, just depends on how they are doing then. You have about six people in front of you but I am sure we can work something out ;) I have something for you too!