Monday, February 17, 2014

Sidetracked While Going, Going, Gone!

I meant to write this post last night, but I've been absorbed in searching for a new backpack. The perfect backpack. I once owned the perfect backpack but my days of spending a few hundred bucks on a leather backpack are in my rearview mirror. For now anyway. Did you know there are hundreds and hundreds of backpacks and only about 1% come close to perfect, no matter what the price? Ah well, the hunt is ongoing and keeps me entertained, an easy thing to do for sure. Almost as entertained as my excitement in finding a small wet/dry shop vac at Randaluz for a great price (hurry if you want one). New clothes, meh, new vacuum, whoot whoot!

On to the main event! Saturday's AWC auction was a 10 on any scale. John Ernst, our auctioneer, was fast and funny and his stamina never flagged. There are so many, many volunteers for AWC, a few you see a lot, many never seen, working in the shadows or maybe in the trenches (and sideroads and beaches and any other place animals are in need). But here are a few of them, along with the great crowd that came out to buy some awesome items, all of which were donated.

Unusually for me, I arrived slightly, and only slightly, late. There was no late here, the food and beverages were out, people were lined up, tables were displaying...was I on Culebra?

The food selection was awesome, as in the norm here. Thanks, all you volunteer cooks!! I didn't get a shot of the bar section, where Marcos and Richard presided, but they were doing a brisk business as well; wine, beer and water flowed.

A very incomplete view of all the donated items

Two Doug's and a Mariel provided entertainment during the social hour

More goodies.

Out back there was a White Elephant sale going on. Great prices on some wonderful things that needed to find new homes.

The people kept coming until they sold out of numbers!

John Plum's Dad contributed some beautiful cutting boards from way up North.

One of our beauties waiting for a home

There were raffles throughout the day, three tickets to a registration

Some adopted and some still needing a home. The art is from Sue Zinkowski, one of our wildly talented artists here

Eating time is over, let's get started!

There were also lots of AWC items to buy - tee shirts and bags galore

John kept things running like a well oiled clock. Did I mention wondering if I was still on Culebra?

I loved this print and someone got a great deal on it.

This was definitely the biggest turnout I've ever seen for the auction.

Lots of art

Go John! Go John!

One of our lovely young volunteers with a very cool bamboo planter
And then it was over. In ten minutes the chairs had been stacked, the food area was coming apart and down, people paid up and another AWC auction was put to bed for another year. So much work for so many. So much fun for so many.

It isn't inexpensive to care for the stray and abused and sick animals on Culebra and the work involved is mind boggling. All volunteer, with no formal shelter (desperately needed), flights and ferries  for when no vet is on island - in fact, during the auction, one ill puppy had to be flown over to the big island for emergency care, as Teresa literally held this puppy's bowels inside of it as Abbie drove quickly to get a transport cage, we started laughing...I thought about inviting the crowd to come look and see, because THIS is what really is going on behind the scenes - it is a literally never ending cycle of love motivated hard work, as people everywhere who work with animals knows all too well. So thank you, each and every one, who does so much 365 days of the year.

And to Lori Novis, who was heading this up and had to leave island due to the unexpected death of her father, first, condolences on your sorrowful loss, and second, we know that missing the auction was also very hard on you, but your presence was there, known by many. Thank you!

And oh yes, it's a holiday, it's President's Day. I know for a whole lot of folks around here, that means Presidente Day. Salud!

Have a merciful Monday. Do something miraculous.


  1. What a great auction and so well attended. I too love that print. Perfect :)

    1. We have such great people here! Wasn't it? I was too busy getting photos at the start to get a bidding card or I'd have tried for it!

  2. looks like a total success! i sent a contribution but being there would've been lots more fun!
    i'm so sorry to hear about lori's loss— she puts her heart into this work and to miss this event must be doubly painful.

    1. Thanks for your money donation as well as your heart donation.