Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Funday ~ a Quiet Wahooooo oh!

Sunday morning yard walkabout.  There it was, the first blooming of the mango tree. Maybe this will be the year I eat a mango off of my own tree. There have been baby mangoes but never the whole juicy delicious deal. Ohm shakalaka.

In the yard, the plants look happy,  with the occasional quick deluges of rain we've had. Everything but the three foot high baby cashew tree that I'm pretty sure a horse smashed, breaking the tree and the pole I had next to it for support. It wasn't horse proof, unfortunately. Ah well, I can't stay mad at hungry, if clumsier than me, horses. Key word, stay.

Remember the banana pepper I brought home a couple of weeks ago? First pepper and another bloom. Oh yeah!

This plant is constantly making art.
I was sitting in the gazebo cat playing and looked up to see that the fishing pole I keep tucked into the framing had somehow let loose of its hook. I don't know the significance of a prayer flag being hooked, it wasn't early or late enough for my brain to be on a cosmic plane. So I just enjoyed it...and then unhooked and set it free again. Only good all day so I'm thinking, it's okay.

Also crossing my mind while I was sitting there. Sunday Fundays out at Dakity and missing them. Then I got word from a friend, she was feeling the same. Always on a quest to avoid the *B word, we went into action. In minutes it was load 'em up (boat stuff) and drag 'em out (the engine and oil and gas tanks and water and masks and was like taking a 2 year old to the beach). The engine started on the second pull after not being used since last August and we were away.

The sun shone. The wind blew. The water glittered. It was medicinal. It was therapy. It was Sunday Funday renewal.

The first thing to do was find the old ground tackle and there it was!

The water felt chilly at first - and then bliss

and so were the views

It's always easier, for me at least, to get out of this than to get back in. But the second attempt was a success. I wasn't going to spend the night on the reef. No complaints; a few months ago I couldn't have helped do anything on this trip, let alone get back in the dinghy. Two working arms are fun!

As we were getting ready to leave there must have been six or more sailboats heading for the bay. It looked like a regatta approaching. I've never seen that many sailboats coming in at once, silently sweet!

There was a research boat out there as well. I have no idea what they were doing, but they looked pretty busy, so I'll have to find out another way.

A day before, at extremely low tide. I never see this without thinking myself into a 3 inch high person with this my homeland. Not much in the way of grassy plains though. My 3 inch self doesn't care.
Have a no margins Monday. Do something messy.

*Boredom, not Bitch, a totally acceptable 5 minute pass time or state of being


  1. I missed something, where is the houseboat?

    1. In Fulladoza bay, awaiting its eventual new owners!

  2. I suppose it is unrealistic to hope it will be moved back and host fun parties again.

    1. Not much is unrealistic around here, at least potential wise. We'll just have to watch and see. Or someone else needs to get a houseboat out there!