Thursday, May 9, 2019

Another Housesitting Hill Adventure!

Sometimes when I'm feeling wah wah about things I can't do with a bad arm, I'm hit strongly with the realization that it may be bad, but at least I have it. And that if it were in fine fettle, I don't know if I'd do as much house and critter sitting as I get to do. Which means, on the balance scales, I'm seeing me as heavy on the luckiest woman in the world side. 

Here are a few captures of a couple of days of 'oh wow!'

Dem's da flats

If everyone in the world could be together and have this view,
I think it might stop wars

Bachelor Row

So many blues!

Heading home

The fastest tri around these waters!
(and it's going to be for sale sooner than later!)

Up a little closer

Good night, Sol

Early morning, looking around the corner

Runnin' the bay


Yes, I added some drama here. Because I can!

Dogs and views and tomatoes from the vine; life is good! Take your magic from wherever you can find it. 

Have a tender-hearted Thursday. Do something that gently thrills you.