Friday, November 23, 2018

Full Moon Tonight!

Every time the moon is full when I'm away from Culebra, I have to re-orient myself in the world. Where will I be able to see it coming over the horizon the best, or will I be able to see it rising at all? Will I miss that glowing buttery-gold hugeness and see it only when it is white and bright and  casting moon shadows on a not home view? 

This is not the moon, but I saw it on the road when heading to D's Garden
and it was too glorious to pass up. I've never seen it there before, but it's huge!
But then I'm home again. Maybe on the houseboat, maybe housesitting, but like the North Star, there it is, just where it should be. I know the hills it will rise over, the water where it will light up a moon path, the trees that will be so briefly outlined in its ascent it hardly seems to happen at all. 

Tonight is the November full moon. In the Northern Hemisphere it's called the Hunter’s Moon or the Frosty Moon or the Beaver Moon. In the Southern Hemisphere it's the Corn Moon or the Milk Moon, the Flower Moon or the Hare Moon. Pick your place and choose your lunar calling name, it is one of the best shows on Earth and it's free. Of course, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the moon has already put on the moonrise show and you might be getting ready for tomorrow. Oops.

This is what happens when the good camera is NOT in my hands.
And after the Thanksgiving dinner celebration.
Connection? Perhaps. 
Have a fantastical Friday. Do something freely fabulous!