Friday, January 31, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Half App Sandwiches

Cocktail food. What is it? Too little to be dinner, too much to be a snack. Or maybe it's just a bunch of snacks put together. But now the word snack sounds weird so I'm just going to drop that whole concept and go with the sandwich.

To make a sandwich, you have stuff, officially known as filling, inside and some dough type thing, officially known as stuff holder, outside. While I was thinking about these, I didn't know if that outside thing would be bread of some kind or a tortilla, to make it a rolled up stuff and holder thing, officially known as a roll up, I guess. Karen Clayton, queen of rolled up stuff, would know this.

I'm not sure why bread won out over tortillas, but it did. I liked the idea of the crunch of the crust I guess. Because yes, I cheated and used frozen bread that I baked. So I sort of made it but not really. For a frozen bread product, it comes out pretty nicely, but if it hadn't been readily, as in, at my fingertips, available, I'd have gone with the tortillas and been happy about it.

Of course, I'd already prepped and made a spread before I remembered to start taking photos of this. How convenient to actually be making something different on Thursday afternoon, thought I! Tomorrow you need food things and here it is.

This is what went into the sandwiches.
This is what held the the fillings. 

I roasted a couple heads of garlic and that was the first thing spread on the toasted baguette.

Spread dos
Cream cheese, minced chipotle peppers, some horseradish (NOT HORSE, I mean it) mixed together makes a great spread. Or dip. Or spoonful of stuff you accidently taste too much of while making it perfectly balanced between smoothness, spiciness and smokiness.

Grill the steak. I like steak rare, so the grill should be really hot when you slap that baby on . About 4-5 minutes a side and on to a resting plate. The meat will keep cooking, but not too much.

Slice it up. If that seems too rare to you, it goes through one more cooking process. Or, just cook it longer on the grill. This ain't rocket science, it's fun.
Lay out all the sliced stuff on the bread

Like so

That can all be done a couple or a few hours before the actual serving. The meat acts as a barrier for the bread and keeps it from absorbing any juices from the tomatoes or cukes.

When you are ready, turn on the broiler. Take the sandwich halves and put them on a cookie sheet. Carefully - I managed to roll one, you try to avoid that - and then put the cheese on in overlapping layers. Slide under the broiler for two or three minutes and take out. Slice open the other baguette and use both sides for tops. If you want.

I not only hadn't decided between bread or tortilla, I also thought about slicing the baguettes in rounds and topping them that way, or making it an open faced sandwich. All great ideas, but this one won's not as potentially messy. For a meal is different than for an appetizer and this just couldn't seem to decide what it wanted to be when it grew up. In the short and long run, it didn't matter. These things rarely do.

The hand
meets the mouth. Not missing is a critical step here.
There, did you get all that? Any questions? Yes, Virginia, you MAY use other fillings, it's an endless well of possibilities. No, Roberto, that is not the only kind of bread for sandwich making. What? What did I mean by well? Never mind, just erase that.

Buen provecho!

Have a fervently freeranging Friday. Do something finer.

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