Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday

This is a boat home on the water for some big bucks, but she's so beautiful, I can't stop looking at her. 43 feet of gorgeous.

Plus, what a great name!

Nope, not much cockpit. Less area to bounce around!

So much storage!

Heavy weather? Stay inside.

Sweet galley

A sit down place in the shower? Wow.

Nice cabins
2 heads. Nice.

Even the steps are not only beautiful, but they look easier to use than just straight down. That handrail...ooooh!

Double sink, great hardware. I'm drooling.
You can see more photos and specs here. If you buy it, you have to bring her to Culebra and take me for a sail!

Have a therapeutic Tuesday. Do something transplantable.


  1. You read my mind. I am looking for a boat. The name Bumfuzzle was made famous by this blog:

    1. Well Alan, she's well worth considering if your budget is in that market. But you do have to bring her down here if so! I've followed the Bum Fuzzle blog on and off for years, that VW van caught my eye early on. I think I might have even posted about it, or dreamed I did. It's a great name and a great descriptive phrase too - ex. my bum fuzzled life has worked for me.

  2. Well I sailed my current boat (37 foot Tartan) down to Culebra from Annapolis in 2011 and lived in the harbor for two months and liked it so much that I am planning a sequel. Just need to get myself organized again (need to stop working!).

    1. There is that W word...maybe it's more getting unorganized. Tartan, nice boat! See you on the sequel.

    2. Yes maybe I need to un-organize a bit. Hope to see you