Monday, January 27, 2014

We'll Leave the Light On, Lawrence

Yesterday there was a farewell brunch for Lawrence, who, beside being one of the nicest people most of us have ever met, has also, on the specific side, given so very much to Culebra through our Community Library. Though invisible, as you scan those shelves (shelves put together) or use the computers, ask for suggestions on good reads and find a lot of what you are looking for exactly where it should be, there are Lawrence's fingerprints, all over the place. Literally.

Everyone wanted some Lawrence time.
If you haven't been to the library, you need to go check it out - it's looking great, serving so many facets of our population and Lawrence is a big reason for that. Of course, if you were to say that to him he would give everyone else credit for most everything (and there is no denying it - every one of the dedicated people who keep the library running are all worthy of big time respect!). He even has a star review on Trip Advisor, Lawrence of Culebra. Shhhh, don't tell.

Lawrence, who no doubt would call this the thorn between the roses of Rosarito and Lisette
It seems normal to have the library now, but on a time line, it is a very recent addition for Culebra, going from a generously donated basic trailer with some donated books, run by a temperamental generator to what it is today.

Love you, tall guy! Come back and visit!
With his parents getting on in age (a surprise, since Lawrence is such a youngster. It must be all that healthy living, rowing to and from his sweet little boat, running the streets and hills, eating right and drinking, uh, not much. Here. On Culebra. Go figure), he's heading back to Portland to keep them on their toes. Culebra will miss him a lot. The Turkey Run won't be the same without him, let alone the library (even though there is a great person stepping into his big Tevas, you'll have to go there to find out who!). He knows he can always come back to welcoming smiles and hugs. Go well, Lawrence. Our loss is Portland's gain and they are damn lucky to have you.

p.s. I know Lawrence would want me to emphasize that the library IS run on donations. That's what keeps the lights and the wifi on and makes the place run. There are so many worthy causes to donate to and this is one of them. From school kids to wandering travelers the library is a quiet hub of Culebra and can always use some green infusion. Thanks!

Thank you.


  1. This tribute must have made Lawrence feel really appreciated. I'm sure he will be missed.

  2. I remember when the library was a donated trailer by the bomberos. It has come a long way.

    Gracias, Lawrence! Fare thee well, until we meet again.

    Debbie and Lewis

    1. It was way different then...he'll be big time missed.

  3. Lawrence is a terrific and caring person, good luck on your next adventure! Is there a Paypal link to donate $ to the library? Thanks!

    1. Peter, I'll check and see what the deal is about donating with Paypal, thank YOU!

    2. Peter, right now there is no paypal set up for donations to the library. But any donations can be sent to Culebra Community Library / PO Box 840 / Culebra, PR / 00775

      Thank you!!!

  4. XOXOXOXOXO!! We love you so much, Lawrence! And, we DO Thank You!
    (and your' Mother - for bringing you to us! -- be sure to tell her, and to send her our love!)
    Thanks for putting this together, MJ. Just right.... mariel