Monday, December 28, 2009


Ah how good to wake up with a renewed mind and a pure heart! But it's early yet...

I was thinking about all the photos of the Christmas party and the March of the Muellecito and how I let them slip away from the blog. I did take the whole kit and kaboodle of them (well almost) and posted them on facebook, frankly because it is a very easy thing to do in one fell swoop. And I thought about how much to post here. Too much thinking.

Instead, a stroll through the garden was in order and there it hit me. Newness is spilling out all over the yard because of the out of nowhere 5 inches of Christmas rain we got. And I want that feeling. So it is onward we go, with just a brief glimpse back to the future...I would have posted a video down at Hector's might be the slightest bit inflammatory. So instead, here are two photos from Christmas 2009 that wrap it up for me.


And then there was the March of the Muellecito. I listened to speeches and the passion of Culebra's heart, her people. History was re-told about growing up right on Flamenco beach before the Navy dislocated the population. The local police stood in a line, listening, while Victor Gonzalez's henchmen stood taking photos of us taking photos of them. The No Entre sign was displayed on an easel, as if we were at a museum. And we WERE at a living museum, but it isn't Victor's history, or his ancestors that are being disturbed.

Suddenly the talking stopped and we peacefully walked in to what Culebra already owns. There was no disorder. There was no disrespect. There were groans and shock at the destruction that has occurred under the direction of Victor Gonzalez. The local police respectfully stood by, as members of their family walked in and out, talking, singing, hearing story. It was a good day for Culebra. These three photos pretty well sum it up.

One of these people is not like the others~~~~~~~

May we all be as passionate and real at 87!

Coming home

Elders of the familia

and now, on to the new! With all that it promises. Living here makes me feel strong enough for all the good and all the work to make life good. Feliz Nuevo Ano!


Have a marvelous Monday. Do something magnificent!


  1. "Año" you say Happy New Ass, jaja

  2. I think we just earned that bottle of hot sauce you gave us yesterday. LOL! Hold down Option and n at the same time, and then type n again for ñ. Clearly it makes a huge difference. (smirk)

  3. I'm way too tired to figure that one out...but I do know you'd already earned the hot sauce...

  4. Hey, it's three years later and I finally read this right. But maybe Happy New Ass works...ñ ñ ñ me thinks me got it!