Friday, December 11, 2009

Blooms and mangoes off the free range

Today is just a build up to this evening, when a birthday party for three four all of the Sagitarian women on Culebra (it seems like now) who want to get celebrated, will be happening at Dinghy Dock. Neil is cooking I don't know what, so I'm not going to cook today (so there), but I'll absolutely post photos later on of whatever delicious somethings he much later on is anyone's guess, including mine. Sometimes it's like that.

In the meantime, my yard is looking pretty delicious to me, even though food wise, it is bereft of anything but a few struggling herbs and some thriving hot peppers.

It's either feast or famine around here so I thank god the veggie guy is in town today! Another reason to be delighted with Friday!

Orchid cascade...seems impossible that more blossoms are there

Still hanging on! I kiss your bravery!

Nothing like a nice splash of color across my face
to wake me up a bit more in the a.m.

And then there is the mystery question...why can't I get Amazon to ship clothing to me here? Does anyone have an answer to that?

Have a get ready Friday! Do something. Really.


  1. why didn't we get it shipped to me? i could have brought it with me....

    hope la fiesta was as fun as my imagination allows me to think!

  2. Because I just tried to do it yesterday?? And was that much fun!

  3. Because it's not really coming from Amazon; it's coming from a bonehead partner-seller that doesn't know that PR postal service is the US postal service?

  4. Well, it is coming from some vendor through Amazon but the hang up is with Amazon...why, I don't know.