Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, lazy Tuesday

No dogs scritchy nails tapping a dance for breakfast, no huge cats patrolling the perimeter of the bed outside the mosquito netting. Only one normal sized cat, tapping my head with her paw at pre-dawn to remind me of the old routine. Cheeky girl!

Today will be spent putting my world back together here at home. I'm not quite sure how I managed to scatter so much debris around while I wasn't here, or maybe I'm just in Winter Cleaning mode but the bags of trash and discards are already mounting up and the sun has just cleared the hill. I'm in one of those, 'have I used this in a year?' swings and it is good. The thing about these purges is that you really don't miss the stuff at all, it was just taking up space that will, eventually, be filled by something else, no doubt.

After the inside, it will be time for the garden, which is sorely in need of attention. But joyfully blooming everything there is to bloom...orange and purples, whites and greens, blossoms of shapes and sizes to carry my gaze from one end to the other of the yard with a grin. And that's what it's all about, Hokey Pokey!

Some last views from the country (it seems I confused a few people by saying the country...in the islands, as soon as you are out where the houses thin, you are in 'the country'). I'm between the country and the town. See, it's not such a small island...

Sail Rock (between here and St. Thomas)

Have a tidy Tuesday! Do something neat.


  1. OK, I can't hold back any longer...have you taken up the congas?

  2. Oh dear, I had no idea the sounds of tap dancing on the roof would carry so far...

  3. well, there's that...I was thinking more of the resident instrumentation...

  4. I knew you were thinking of something I didn't get, but I was just gonna roll with it so I did