Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the decade, unless you're a maths freak!

 Always being in step with a different drummer, I was happy to proclaim that 2000 wasn't actually the *real* change year into the new millennium, but truthfully, if anyone asked me to explain it in detail I was busted as the utter fraud that I, math challenged, actually was. So now, ten years later, I can easily say, hello, welcome to the last day of the first decade of the new millennium and be contradicted without a raised eyebrow of care.

A Culebra New Year's Eve

Milestones of years roll faster and faster as we grow into a comfort zone of farther apart *firsts*. First a teen, then a driver, then a voter/drinker, then oh my it starts to look strange. Cultures that celebrate maturity are the antithesis of our own, dreading the first facial line, be it from smiling or no. The first grey hair, the first extra bit of flesh not perfectly taut no matter the fitness level. And while I can't say I've zen mastered easing into these years with no complaints (hey, it's my heritage to complain and I do it damn well), I have learned that there are only two things that can save us as we move deeper into the life road. Humor and grace - and those in no hard and fast order, but rather, dependent on the circumstances.

So for this new decade, I wish us all as much humor and grace as possible to take along with us. Sometimes we have to reach down deep into our pilgrim rucksack to find either or both, but it is well worth the pause and the reach. Grab on, it's miles to go before we sleep.

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