Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Victor Gonzalez, we can see (through) you

A funny thing happened on my way to town yesterday...oh, isn't that just like Culebra? This time the detour from the cart took me to the Muellecito with Laurie, Phil and her Mom to see what Victor had ordered done that was RE blocking the road that he was, by law, ordered to dismantle only the day before.

I'll give him points for clever, even if it won't prevail again the law ultimately. In fact, just the opposite as he is now playing the police, the mayor and other officials for fools, planting trees to block the road. Angry officials are really not your best bet, Senor Gonzalez, but too late now, you cheeky boy! And the posts were a bad idea...I imagine you simply couldn't resist raising the level of *things I snookered you for* ante. (Victor, you see, has a contract to plant indigenous trees, but I don't believe that was meant to be used for a fence...oh dear) And we know you don't think we're the brightest people, but wooden posts don't count as trees. Just joshin', weren't you? Shucks.

While we mulled about, I had a talk with Victor's head henchman. In another universe, I'll admit I'd probably like the guy. I half way liked him as it was. Married, four kids, a, according to him and I certainly believe him, very good paying job...and he's worked for Victor for 20 years. Since he looks pretty youthful now, I'm figuring Victor plucked him quite young, since this man calls him his second father. "Yes?" I asked him, "your first father must have been very bad?"

This man isn't a fool; he knows he is doing a very dirty job, but he is loyal and his wallet is loyal as well. It's, truthfully, pathetically sad. He seems pretty well practiced at putting up the 'this is my job' shield but for a few moments there..well, if you haven't guessed yet, I do a fairly good Pollyanna carrying Don Quixote's lance...with a couple of ninja stars up my sleeve.

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