Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mish mash

What a great surprise when, getting out of working early, town was rocking with mainly locals who were celebrating the lighting of the Christmas decorations. I always run into this night unexpectedly and last night kept up the tradition.

Of course I didn't have my camera, not expecting to be out and about. But I did get to play with Alicia's new baby, and while she tells me most of the photos look like someone not too steady took them, I do have a wonderful one of Jose Perez, who is the best looking (and most fit) 91 year old I've personally known. If you know Culebra, you've seen Jose either carving his boats, painting or doing word puzzles on his front porch. I've always had a major secret crush on him and that will never change; well except it's not a secret anymore. What can I say, he's a hottie.

A beautiful gumbo limbo tree I saw on our walk

Mouth of the bay from DRN dock

A look around me at DRN's new dock/viewing area

Have a good look-around Sunday!


  1. I can't believe he is 91!! Wow!! Hottie doesn't even begin to cover it....

  2. Couldn't agree with you more...

  3. Ah, Senor Perez. If he hadn't been born, then Nydia's sister, Kelly, wouldn't have been born, then Kelly's son Pete wouldn't have been born, and Debbie and Lewis may never have been introduced to Culebra. The whole Perez/Romero family has a special place in our hearts, even if the Pete/Sharon marriage didn't last!

  4. Where's the DRN dock? what's DRN? It looks like a beautiful spot but not at all familiar. When I was recently in Culebra we chatted about your website - I did have the right website book marked but for some reason when I returned to it - it didn't update. Thanks for doing this - it's a great way to feel connected until I can spend more than a couple of weeks at a time! Lynn

  5. What a lovely time line! There are always glitches in our road....but they still can lead us home.

  6. Lynn, the DRN - Dept. of Natural Resources = DRN in Spanish - is easy to find. At the top of the hill after you go past the cemetery, take a right and go to the bottom of that road. You're there!

    Yes, I had a glitch going on for quite awhile with updating. Blogger changed some things and didn't let us know! But it's fixed now so if you resubscribe (or go to and you can get updates in your email) it should work now. And you're welcome, it's my great pleasure and fun (most of the time!) to have this blog. It's a give and get thing for me!