Thursday, December 10, 2009

Views, rain and tumeric...who knew?

Yesterday I was out by Zoni. Every time I looked up, the water and sky had shifted, like that machine at the eye doctors where you're peering through one little hole and the doctor keeps asking, 'Which looks better, this one or this one?' Well, I couldn't decide because it all looked incredibly beautiful to me, even when the rain came close.


Later in the afternoon I was going around town putting up posters for Susie's Saturday night happening, Jazz Under the Stars, with the Son of Culebra. I went into our wonderful new health food store Holistica Aimee, to ask permission to use their bulletin board. Diane was busy with a tiny helper, bagging some incredibly fragrant organic tumeric she'd just gotten in. I happen to love tumeric and the aroma and color was (and is) amazing. I came away with a bag, signed with a thank you by Sofia...very special! Go on down and get yourself some!

This morning my weather world is still undecided. Right now the sun is dappling through the trees, but a little over an hour ago, it looked like this, bringing in a beautiful shower to shore just before I was going to water the gardens....thanks!

A couple of days in the life here on Culebra. I can do this...I really can.


  1. Gorgeous. And isn't it so out-of-touch to read people fretting about whether it might occur during their visit? I loves me some rain on the veranda reading time and Zoni squalls.

  2. Well, I understand not wanting a week of rain after paying hard earned bucks for expected suntans, but that is so rare here as to be a freak...

    What I don't understand is people asking what the weather is going to be like in four months from's weather! Just like at home! If the weather man doesn't know, how the heck are we supposed to know - except for...summer hot, winter perfect? And sometimes it rains. Oh, and sometimes there are hurricanes...much more rare than a week of rain!

  3. what is the weather going to be like next Tuesday at approximately 4:30 when the ferry arrives? :))))))))

  4. Perfect. Because anything is better than the weather where you are now!! It actually is perfect right this minute...breezy, cool/warm blue skies, fluffy clouds

  5. We're coming back to Culebra in February. I really don't care what the weather is like - I just want February to come FAST. It's about 5 degrees outside my door right now.

    Hey MJ - I've been remiss in keeping up with your blog. What's happening with that development that was being proposed a while back?


  6. We're still fighting, he's still fighting...unfortunately, greed doesn't go away easily!

    See you in February!